March 31, 2011

Before The Arrival of Our Little Prince

we did some practicing . hehe  :)


March 27, 2011

Moment That I'm Going To Miss Eventhough It's ....


33 weeks.

credit :  - Cyana & Moose


March 25, 2011

Who's Your Favourite American Idol Season10?

Paul McDonald!!!

 Watch "Paul McDonald - Kendra Chantelle - American Idol - Like You Loved Me Then" on YouTube 



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We're Going To be Photographed!

This Sunday



Goodbye And Hello

It's time to say goodbye to Halford Zuzz 4 [by the way, thanks to you lovely buyer from Sri Andalas, Klang. It was nice dealing with you]   :)

And say hello to this cool and easy-going MicraLite Toro

This MicraLite Toro is so easy to fold/unfold and maneuver. If you are looking for something light and easy to travel plus style, I'd say go for this! You can buy only the stroller or you can add the bassinet for infant system or you can add the Maxi Cosi car seat/baby carrier for the travel system. It'll make your life more easier. * i can feel it even i haven't got a chance to experiment it myself yet. but 51 more days to go.*

You can watch this review video from Baby Gizmo for more info, if you're interested to buy this.   :)

Now, we can smile.


The FPP (Full Paying Patient) Scheme Hospital Putrajaya

Here's a little details regarding the FPP Scheme in Putrajaya Hospital.

*click on the image to enlarge*

i will update more on this. from my first check up there until my labour. stay tuned for more updates and happy weekend. oh! don't forget to contribute for Earth Hour tomorrow night 26th March 8.30 til 9.30   ;)


When Its Hard For Me To Make a Decision

i'm in my to 32nd weeks now. yet i still haven't make a decision on where should i deliver my baby. i've been contemplating alot regarding this. went for monthly check up at Columbia Asia Puchong for the first trimester and Naluri Medical Centre Wangsa Maju from 5 months until my 32weeks..

i like both places for different reasons. i've been warded at Columbia Asia for a couple of times, and so far i like the hospitality, the nurses are all very kind and friendly and their ob/gyn have been very pleasing too! the only thing i don't like is that  i have to take a half day leave for an appointment on weekdays. me and K wanted to save my annual leave for later.thats's why we change to Naluri where i can have our monthly check up on weekends without having to wait for long. usually we'll be done in 45 minutes. so we saved a lot of time and leaves there.

we surveyed almost every private hospital in ampang/KL area ( you name it)  in the last few months. the reason i wanted to deliver somewhere near ampang at first is  because i want it to be near to my mom's house so it would be easier for our grand homecoming though it's a bit far from our house in Puchong (which taking us more around 45 minutes to reach destination plus minus during the peak hours). 

but after doing a lot ( i mean A LOT! ) of thinking, asking around from those who had experience, we think better to deliver somewhere near to our house so if anything happen it would be a lot easier for us. Columbia Asia Puchong it is. but the only thing is, a lot of my relatives including my both parents and parents in-law does not have a clue where on earth the hospital located. *bummer*  

ok to make it short, a friend of mine YM me last monday, asking me how i'm doing and how far am i now [she's also a pregger and so does her sister]. and she was telling me that her sister went to the antenatal class held in Putrajaya Hospital. i'm interested to enroll for this class so i asked her for further details. a bit disappointed at first when she told me that they will only accept couple who's going to deliver their baby at HPJ (Hospital Putrajaya) and the class only happen once a month on Monday. the fee is only RM70 per couple, which is really cheap and the class was full of information especially for the first timer parents to be.

when i heard she's going to deliver her baby in HPJ, i was completely surprised. knowing her and her husband, i know that they could go to any top private hospital even Prince Court to deliver, but why she chose HPJ instead? then she started to explained to me regarding the FPP(Full Paying Patient) Scheme she's taking. which is the private wings of HPJ. INTERESTING! at that very moment, i quickly googling around finding more information on FPP in HPJ. so off we went after work to try our luck, unfortunately the FPP counter is closed at 4.30PM. i'm so worried that we could not get the FPP, because all 4 gynae is fully booked until certain period. so i just pray to God and hoping that He will give us a little chance. we went again on the next day, but this time i called first to make an appointment and the nurse asked me to come at 2pm. i took half day leave and off we went again. praise to God, we still have chance for the FPP scheme and we even get the gynae that we want. so my first appointment would be on 6th April. *happy dance*

general hospital was never an options for me, never ever crossed my mind. it's not that i'm condemning and it's not because i'm too rich. but i have listened to all kind of scary experienced from people that i knew and through some forums that it's an unpleasant memories to remember. it was crucial. :'(  so i told myself and my husband, there is no way i will deliver my baby in GH. i don't care, no matter how 'sengkek' we are at that time, duit boleh di cari. rezeki Tuhan bagi, but my experience and memories during labour are priceless! i want it to be beautiful and most importantly free from any harm. i can't imagine myself being treated like an animal. i just can't. and i won't let it happen. call me 'manja','perasan' or 'berlagak' or whatever names you want, i don't care as long as i have a safe and beautiful moments during my labour.

after doing some research and asking around some friends that have experienced on FPP in HPJ, i am so sure about it. here's a story about one of my colleague, for her first baby she gave birth in HPJ but non-FPP because that time wasn't aware about this. for her second baby [which she just gave birth 2 months ago] she's on FPP scheme in HPJ. boy, it was a very different treatment, felt like a queen she said. the room was spacious, the staff nurses we all very lovely and helpful, husband get full access 24/7 and everything was pleasant. 5 star. that's what i've been told and read. i don't want to put high expectation, but hopefully ....

i will post more entry regarding this FPP scheme in HPJ. happy weekend! 


March 24, 2011

Blogging from my tab

Testicles 1,2,3,4

We had chicken rice at Baser Bandar Puteri Puchong just now for dinner after picking up the new 'ride' and car seat for our dearest unborn son.Recommended by the chinese guy from Fisrt Few Years. It was delightful but still can't beat my mom's chicken rice though :)



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Come, Let me Treat You Guys!!

Print this, and go to any McDonalds near you.No kidding!

Enjoy your Big Breakfast!! :)


March 22, 2011

I Can't Wait!

Week : 32
8 more weeks to go! (or it could be earlier.. :) who knows?)

 I always laughed when i see my pictures. So round and round. But inside, i'm crying like a baby. I can't wait to hold my baby in my arm and get fit again.


March 16, 2011

9 more weeks to go!

 i'm at my week : 31

went for a regular check up after office hour yesterday. everything seems fine. my weight is now 63kg. baby's weight is 1.9kg but his head position is not at the place where he supposed to be. hopefully by next check up, April 2nd, his head will be at the bottom. :)

p/s : damn! i cant wait to lose all the fats!! oh and i can't wait for my hair to grow longer and longer. i feel like i already wait forever!  pffftttt~


March 14, 2011


I'm addicted to these 2 now... HELP!!
one is sweet, another one is surely unhealthy..
sorry son!


March 10, 2011

the little peanut in me

assalamualykum my dearest son,
i hope you’re doin well in my tummy.[i am your biological mother by the way if you must know]. you just kicked me 2 seconds ago.oh boy, you’re sucha kicker.your kicks make me smile everytime.i know it’s not comfy enough for you as the space becoming more narrow now for you to sommer-saulting yourself because you are growing healthily.but don’t you worry sayang, in another 11 weeks you are going to be discharged from my tummy to see the real world, meeting me and my husband which is your ‘papa’, your grandma and grandpa, your uncles and aunties. everyone is just excited to meet you in person you know?

oh now you just making some moves.maybe you are trying to adjust your position or are you hungry? sorry i just had tea and some yuckie cookies for breakfast today. no choice. Me and your papa were rushing this morning to get to work, so i didn’t have the chance to make/buy anything for breakfast. i will have my lunch in another 30 minutes time. try to be patient or try to play with your fingers to kill time. try to count from 1 to 10. oooops i forgot, i haven’t teach you how to count from 1 to 10 yet, my bad. just ignore it keep playing with your fingers or maybe your feet.

there’s a lot of things i wanna tell you right now. like how at first i thought you were a girl but i guess my instinct is totally erroneous and not that strong. but yeah, boy or girl i am still excited! your papa is even more happier. he has many plans for you, one of it is to send you to some tennis class or maybe squash or golf. and me, i would love to see if you can cook well like the kids in the Junior Masterchef Australia. they’re wicked i tell you. me, grandma and paksu will teach and guide you with all the basic and i hope you will have the interest and eager to experiment and explore into the culinary world. and i also would love to see you play the piano,drums or guitar as you sing. or maybe you can play a song and we’ll sing. your mama and papa love to sing! but after all if you don’t like it all, we won’t force you to do it. we will let you do whatever you want in life as long as it is not something that against our religion. i know by then you are wise enough to think what’s good and what’s not.we trust you.

we will try our best to give you the best education plan you to prepare for the future. i don’t mind if you studied to be a doctor or a marine biologist but end up u wanna be a rapper/emcee but, you have to finish your study first no matter what. no excuse for that. don’t do it like half way, and jump into another thing. when you do something, you have to finish it and be magnificent and don’t ever give up. “we can’t change the world unless we change ourselves”. get it? i quote this from the movie Notorious. i will let you watch this movie after you turn 18 ayte?

i hope you inherited your papa’s creative and critical thinking especially in mathematics because i am hopeless in maths like seriously, ha-ha!

there’s so many things i wanna tell you right now. i’ll save some for another letter. i know you are sleepy by now. so i’m gonna go and let you sleep. i’ll see you later good. muah!

Hugs & Kisses,

When The Parents Have A Hard Time To Choose

We are so confuse right now. Susah betul nak buat pilihan yang bijaksana membeli stroller. Nothing is perfect for us by far. Ada yang cantik dan stylo, tapi tak menepati ciri2 yang ditikberatkan. My concern is boleh facing 2 ways, infant and toddler boleh guna [mesti ade sekali dgn baby carrier/car seat] , mesti boleh recline, nice color and design, berat mesti less than 9Kg, not too bulky, mesti senang untuk di handle and the wheels mesti besar takmo ciput2 sangat, yang sedang2 macam Cosatto me-Mo dah best dah. So nak dapat sume prefect criteria macam diatas memang susah sangat2. Pffftttttttttt~

Contoh macam Quinny Zapp. Nice design, ringan, senang nak simpan and lipat tetapi tak boleh recline and wheels agak ciput. Kesian kat anak i nanti, kalau tengah jalan2 pastu die tertido kene tido tegak je pastu kepala lentok2. Tak sanggup tengok. Now ade keluar Quinny Zapp Extra, the design mmg exactly the same dengan Zapp biase cuma boleh recline. Akan tetapi, nak lipat and nak simpan die tak semudah Zapp biase. Kene seperate kan body frame dengan carrier die yg besar dan tak boleh lipat. Quinny Buzz pulak, memang we both like the design, tapi berat die mak aih and too bulky for our car.
-Quinny Zapp+ Maxi Cosi-

-Quinny Buzz-

Pendek kata memang susah lah nak pilih!!
Kalau ikutkan first choice, we like to have this one Cosatto me-MO 3- in-1 Combi. But it's not available here. Yang ade jual kat Mothercare cuma Cosatto Yo! saje.

-Cosatto me-Mo 3-in-1 Combi-

Second choice is Halford Zuzz 4. This one is very nice. Cume a bit bulky, but still not as bulky as Stokke, or Quinny Buzz or Pamelon.

*By the way below picture is Stokke Xplory. 

Third choice from Silver Cross Surf tapi takde baby carrier/car seat. Huhu.
Silver Cross Surf Pram & Pushchair System with Lime Accessory Pack
The fourth choice is Halford Pamelon. This one bulky because the wheels is huge. Tapi cantik!! Tapi bulky. How? But still we put itin our list.


-Halford Pamelon-

Pening dah nak fikir. Sigh~ Oh btw, hari tu pi KLCC saje tgk2 barang2 baby. Pastu terjumpa satu stroller yg sangat classic macam Silver Cross. The one I saw in Isetan is from Inglesina. So nice. But the price is so not worth it sebab hanya boleh pakai utk beberapa bulan saje untuk infant. RM6k! Tapi skarang ade discount jadi RM3.9k. Orang kaya tak tau nak buat apa dengan duit boleh lah beli.

-Silver Cross Classic-

-This one is from Inglesina-

Kalau ade sape2 penah guna Halford Zuzz 4 or Cosatto me-Mo, jangan segan2 share ur review eh?Kalau tak nak leave comment boleh terus email saje to me  Thank you in advance.   :)


The Pregnant Subconscious

I am now : 22 weeks pregnant

So far i'm doing good. Baby is actively kicking inside my womb. Still throwing up every morning and sometimes after meal. Im 500gram heavier from the last check up. Having trouble sleeping. Keep having a weird vivid dreams.

And today i come across an article from Babble. An interesting topic " The Pregnant Subconscious".  More or less help me to understand better why i keep having a weird dreams that felt so real. :)
Let me quote some phrase from the article :

At some point in pregnancy, you will probably start to notice that your dreams are getting weird. You may in fact be dreaming more or you may just be remembering more of your dreams than usual. Changes in your sleep cycle are the cause, but many people think the vivid dreams of pregnancy serve a very important purpose. As your body grows and changes, your dreams help your mind expand as well, preparing for the experience of parenthood......
.........Don't be surprised if your dreams are surprisingly sexually explicit. Hormones and increased blood flow can inspire your subconscious to go down some interesting roads. Some women even have orgasmic dreams during pregnancy."

Read more here.
Hari tu i ade mimpi pegi holiday ngn Mr.K and some other friends kat China, pastu siap pegi Hong Kong Disneyland sume siap pakai baju winter lagi. LOL! Rase macam betul je. Pastu ade jugak mimpi yang i've been seduced by a woman to get me in bed. Yang paling tak boleh tahan, THE woman is Kimora Lee Simmons. LOL! sumpah kelakar. I bangun2 tido terus pening kepala satu hari tu. Pelik betul, dalam byk2 org si Kimora tu plak muncul dlm mimpi. Bile cite kat Mr.K, mula2 die mcm sentap kejap. cute, padahal dlm mimpi je kot ngn pompuan plak tu. Bagilah Ryan Gosling ke, Johnny Depp ke.. kan?LOL! Just kiddin, just kiddin'. Pelik2 je mimpi ni. Byk jugak mimpi2 lain tapi dah tak berapa nak ingat. I jarang mimpi, but semenjak pregnant selalu plak mimpi. And now bile dah bace article ni, i understand why. Tapi tak tau ape maksudnya. Ape2 yang tak baik tu mintak2 lah dijauhkan. Nauzubillah. After all dream is justa dream. Mainan tidur kan, kan?

Till then..


Checklist For Baby And Mommy

Hello young mommies, first timer mommies. I found a checklist that might help you through doing the checklist for your new family member. As i'm also a first timer, i dunno what to buy, what you should really have and what not. I rather spend my money over something really useful than just buying something that u think u have to have it, but actually u won't be needing it. Geddit? here's the checklist.

CLOTHING (new born + 0-3 months)
-long sleeve  : 2
-short sleeve : 2
-baju berlubang ;p : 2
-romper : 2
-shorts : 2
-long pants : 2
-mittens : 3
-booties : 3
-hats : 2
-barut : 5
-bedung : 2
-Diaper + pin
-Disposable diaper for newborn
-Wet tissue
-Diaper cream for rashes
-face towel
-baby shower gel
-baby shampoo
-bath basin
-talcum powder
-minyak bayi
-minyak angin yuyie @ nonaroguy @telon
-baby comb
-baby nail clipper
-cotton buds
-cotton balls
-changing mat
-head pillow
-hugging pillow
-baby cabinet or big 'raga' for their clothes and stuff
-baby toys
-car seat

-Avent milk bottle
-breast pump
-milk bottle cleaner erus botol susu
-breast pad
-nursing pad
-nursing pillow
-disposable panty
-maternity pad
-set bersalin (bengkung)
-Dettol to clean
-Jeli gamat @ pati ikan haruan
-shirt for breastfeeding

You can also compare the checklist here.
Other checklist :-
Checklist One
Checklist Two
Checklist Three


Another 20 weeks to go

I am now : 20 weeks

my belly is ballooning
i'm having trouble sleeping


When I'm Too Hungry,Too Sleepy And Too Tired At The Same Time

I made brownies! For the first time in my life! The very first attempt. Well, it's an instant one but for me it still count!

I'm using the Betty Crocker (with Hershey's chocolate and Walnut).  U can find it in Tesco or any supermarket in KL. It's only Rm17.90.

It is really REALLY easy. Even the first timer like me also can do. I think 8 years old kid also can do. Seriously. Can't wait to back together-gether with my son soon. Hehe..
Just add in 3 table spoon of water, but i added 5 table spoon of water. 2 eggs and half cup of vegetable oil. Then  you just have fun mixing it. It is that simple!

Pour the mixture into the non-stick pan. (i use 8x8 square non-stick pan). Preheat your oven at 162 degree celcius for like 10 mins.

Set the time to 50mins with 162 degree celcius and then wait...

After 50 mins... Voilla! It's done and ready to be eaten!

I would say this Betty Crocker Brownies is marvelous! It's chewy, the texture is just right! Love it! Next time i'm going to try the triple chocolate chunky. Have anyone of you tried the Pillsbury one? I wonder whether is taste as good as Betty Crocker one. It's worth trying!  :)

p/s : Mr.K dig it! I'm a happy wifey! *wink* I'mma tryna make pizza soon. Stay tuned. Hehe..


Craving here, craving there

Haaaa...dah lame sebenarnye nak cerita pasal my craving during pregnancy ni. Tapi macam malas nak tulis. Sebab takut kalau tulis kang akan jadi lebih panjang pulak list craving tu. Hehehe...
So far, i takde craving makanan yang susah nak cari pon. Semuanya senang2 je. Yang memang dah ada around us.

Bende first yang i craved was..STARFRUIT! tak penah2 nak suke atau beli buah belimbing tu. Tibe2 satu hari tu, terasa nak makan. Dalam kepala otak terbayang die punye juicy dan kemanisan die. Pergh! Balik office terus pegi Jusco Sri Kembangan beli. Mase sampai Jusco tu, cari tak jumpa pon buah belimbing tu mula2, masa tu dah rase sedih,sebak semua ada lah. Lepas tu Mr.K pegi tanye kat akak Jusco tu, die kate belimbing kat belah hujung sane. Time tu dari sedih jadi gembira macam budak dapat makan ais krim!


Lepas tu teringin nak makan Nasi Ayam yang my mom masak. Nasib baik time tu my mom tanye "kakak nak makan ape? mama boleh masakkan." Time tu, i mcm malu2 nak bagitau kat Mama, sbb takut die penat nak masakkan nasi ayam utk i. sebab mase tu my brother ade class, so takde sape nk jadi kitchen helper die. i plak time dah sah2 takleh masuk dapur, sbb tak boleh bau2. Tapi akhirnya Mama buatkan jugak. Kasih ibu...anak dah besar, dah nak beranak pon masih manjakan lagi.. :)

-Nasi Ayam Mama, saya pon dah pandai buat. But i prefer air tangan Mama jugak. Ini mengidam byk kali. -

Lepas tu i ade craved for Lamb Chop kat The Ship. Tapi disebabkan time tu i selalu makan, muntah, makan, i bagitau Mr.K, postponed dulu lah mkn lamb chop kat The Ship tu. Sbb nanti kalau makan pastu i muntah macam membazir pulak kan? Dah la sedap dan mahal..pastu muntah! membazir2. Tak sanggup tengok. Ingat kan nak makan tu masa dinner birthday i nanti. Tapi alang2 mase gi Penang aritu i mcm dah okay sikit berbanding previously, so we decided to have it there. Bersama 3 org kawan. Meriah sikit jadinya.

-Lamb Chop at The Ship-

Pastu teringin pulak dah nak makan ketam. Tapi tak mau ketam bunga, nak ketam nipah. Ade satu hari tu, my FIL nak belanje makan seafood kat Aroma Ikan Bakar di Jeram. Macam2 lah makanan yang di order. Termasuk lah ketam. Tapi I langsung tak sentuh ketam tu. Tapi Mr.K adelah tolong perisi kan sikit untuk i. Makan sikit je nk rase. Tapi cannot go. Dalam kepala dah set nak ketam nipah jugak. Tengok ketam bunga kat depan mata macam takde bende. Nak keta nipah jugak. So one day tu i igt nak pi makan Kam Heong Chilli crab kat Asia Cafe ss15 yang sedap tu. Tapi disebabkan hujan, dan malas nak keluar menghadap jem, i pon call je lah Fatty Crab Delivery. At first i mcm tak percaya yg delivery boy tu betul2 ade depan gate i. Macam mimpi pon ade. Macam nak nangis pon ada. Sedangkan McD pon tak sanggup datang anta makan kat umah i.

-Kam Heong Chilli Crab-

Sorry lah, cite ni tak ikut kronologi. Mase first trimester dulu, mase zaman2 tak lalu nak makan, ade jugak mengidam. Cumenye, kalau makan pon cam bazir je, sebab lepas mkn dua tiga suap, mesti muntah balik. Mase tu i ade mengidam dried butter chicken kat Strawberry Field PJ. Itu memang favourite i. Tapi mcm i ckp tadi, makan dua tiga suap, muntahhhhhh.. rugi betul. Siap tapau bawak balik, sampai semalam baru perasan ade dlm fridge. Dah basi dah pon. HAHA!

-Dried butter chicken at Strawberry Fileds PJ-

Pastu nak makan ni
-Chicken Chop at The Garden-

Pastu yang ini pulak..
-sotong goreng kunyit, masakan sendiri -

Pastu yang ini
-Takoyaki at Asia Cafe SS15-

Pastu ini...
-Ayam Kampung Tuan Faridah kat Puchong-

Sampai yang ini pon i mengidam tau..
-Tosei terbaik, kat Setia Alam, Klang-

Yang ini pon i ngidam jugak. Kalau korang tak tau ini ape, mmg i pon tak tau nak cakap ape dah...
-Ayam goreng McD Original-

Ni lagi satu..

Ade jugak mengidam Keropok lekor dari Terengganu tak sempat nk tangkap gamba. Nasib baik ade neighbour tu die keje offshore. Mmg selalu ulang-alik KT. Dapat lah merasa.  Owh! Pastu i  ade craving for laksa. Masa tu kat Utara, time Raya. Cari punye cari, sume tempat tutup sbb masih beraya. Last2 pegi sampai ke Tapah cari laksa. Banyak lagi makanan yang belum dapat sebernarnya.

1. Pavlova   dah dapat
2. Kerang bakar  dah dapat
3. Portugese Grill at Oasis MV (ni actually dah dpt, tp nak lagi...haha)  
4. Lamb Tikka at Saba' Restaurant (ni pon same actually dah dpt, tp nak lagi...haha)

Macam2 lagi lah..kalau list mesti panjang gile. Tak tau lah ni betul2 mengidam ke, atau mengada2 atau mentekadarah. Tapi i makan tak banyak sgt pon. Portion makan still macam biase. Cume kene kekerapan tu mungkin bertambah sikit lah.  Okay, i dah penat and lapar. Bye! nak makan spagetthi jap.

p/s : Fatty Crab Delivery : 1-300-222-100 Fatty Crabs