March 25, 2011

When Its Hard For Me To Make a Decision

i'm in my to 32nd weeks now. yet i still haven't make a decision on where should i deliver my baby. i've been contemplating alot regarding this. went for monthly check up at Columbia Asia Puchong for the first trimester and Naluri Medical Centre Wangsa Maju from 5 months until my 32weeks..

i like both places for different reasons. i've been warded at Columbia Asia for a couple of times, and so far i like the hospitality, the nurses are all very kind and friendly and their ob/gyn have been very pleasing too! the only thing i don't like is that  i have to take a half day leave for an appointment on weekdays. me and K wanted to save my annual leave for later.thats's why we change to Naluri where i can have our monthly check up on weekends without having to wait for long. usually we'll be done in 45 minutes. so we saved a lot of time and leaves there.

we surveyed almost every private hospital in ampang/KL area ( you name it)  in the last few months. the reason i wanted to deliver somewhere near ampang at first is  because i want it to be near to my mom's house so it would be easier for our grand homecoming though it's a bit far from our house in Puchong (which taking us more around 45 minutes to reach destination plus minus during the peak hours). 

but after doing a lot ( i mean A LOT! ) of thinking, asking around from those who had experience, we think better to deliver somewhere near to our house so if anything happen it would be a lot easier for us. Columbia Asia Puchong it is. but the only thing is, a lot of my relatives including my both parents and parents in-law does not have a clue where on earth the hospital located. *bummer*  

ok to make it short, a friend of mine YM me last monday, asking me how i'm doing and how far am i now [she's also a pregger and so does her sister]. and she was telling me that her sister went to the antenatal class held in Putrajaya Hospital. i'm interested to enroll for this class so i asked her for further details. a bit disappointed at first when she told me that they will only accept couple who's going to deliver their baby at HPJ (Hospital Putrajaya) and the class only happen once a month on Monday. the fee is only RM70 per couple, which is really cheap and the class was full of information especially for the first timer parents to be.

when i heard she's going to deliver her baby in HPJ, i was completely surprised. knowing her and her husband, i know that they could go to any top private hospital even Prince Court to deliver, but why she chose HPJ instead? then she started to explained to me regarding the FPP(Full Paying Patient) Scheme she's taking. which is the private wings of HPJ. INTERESTING! at that very moment, i quickly googling around finding more information on FPP in HPJ. so off we went after work to try our luck, unfortunately the FPP counter is closed at 4.30PM. i'm so worried that we could not get the FPP, because all 4 gynae is fully booked until certain period. so i just pray to God and hoping that He will give us a little chance. we went again on the next day, but this time i called first to make an appointment and the nurse asked me to come at 2pm. i took half day leave and off we went again. praise to God, we still have chance for the FPP scheme and we even get the gynae that we want. so my first appointment would be on 6th April. *happy dance*

general hospital was never an options for me, never ever crossed my mind. it's not that i'm condemning and it's not because i'm too rich. but i have listened to all kind of scary experienced from people that i knew and through some forums that it's an unpleasant memories to remember. it was crucial. :'(  so i told myself and my husband, there is no way i will deliver my baby in GH. i don't care, no matter how 'sengkek' we are at that time, duit boleh di cari. rezeki Tuhan bagi, but my experience and memories during labour are priceless! i want it to be beautiful and most importantly free from any harm. i can't imagine myself being treated like an animal. i just can't. and i won't let it happen. call me 'manja','perasan' or 'berlagak' or whatever names you want, i don't care as long as i have a safe and beautiful moments during my labour.

after doing some research and asking around some friends that have experienced on FPP in HPJ, i am so sure about it. here's a story about one of my colleague, for her first baby she gave birth in HPJ but non-FPP because that time wasn't aware about this. for her second baby [which she just gave birth 2 months ago] she's on FPP scheme in HPJ. boy, it was a very different treatment, felt like a queen she said. the room was spacious, the staff nurses we all very lovely and helpful, husband get full access 24/7 and everything was pleasant. 5 star. that's what i've been told and read. i don't want to put high expectation, but hopefully ....

i will post more entry regarding this FPP scheme in HPJ. happy weekend! 


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