April 18, 2012

The Day Al-Farrel Ridzuan Turns ONE!

Assalamualaikum lovelies.

Last Sunday on April 15th, 2012 we all went to a birthday party.Happy 1st Birthday to you Al!!! I still can't believe you are already 1! The last time i checked, you were in the hospital with your Bonda kene bedung looking a bit red-ish and so tiny but boy you're tall! 

.....this was April 2011

And lookatchu now, big boy already! Tak lama lagi jadi abang pulak ;)

The rainbow birthday cake from Yaya-Cake Walk. Yums!!! 

Say hello to 8months adorable Mia! The last entry bout Mia when she was just 3 months i think.

The mommies and the babies! We're all same age, except for Pp. She's a year younger than us 3. We all still considered as young mommies, right? right?            

It ain't easy to get a picture perfect with all these cutie pies!

Clockwise : Mommy Fuzy with Lili, Me with Thaqif, Bonda with the birthday boy and Pp with Lili the chubbycheeks!

They got carried away with the present. Thaqif yang over.

Yours truly with the cutest and adorable twins i've ever known. This was right before they took off. Lili dah ajak balik. 

And say hello to this 8 months chubbycheeks cutie pie, Lili!!

Lili geram dengan Mommy Fuzy sebab dia tanya banyak soalan sangat. Hahh...amik, kene counter attack.

Now you know dari mana datangnya cuteness gadis-gadis comel ni kan?

K trying his best handling Mia and Thaqif at the same time. Hehe..Boleh bertahan 2 minit je.

Mia's attempt on kissing Thaqif. I didn't get to snap the very cute kissing moment tho. Dang!! I was stunned. Sweet innocent little kiss. Hehe..

Thaqifster the crybaby with Mummy Ya and Bonda. Tak boleh orang lain nak carry kejap.

Daddies having a good time with their little girls.

Last but not least, look at them! Comel gilaaaa and funny. Geram! Thanks Al and Mia, bagi entertainment kat we all. 

Had a great fun time with all the mommies and babies!Thanks to Putri for inviting us.We really should do playdates anytime soon. And i sincerely hope that we will still be in touch sampai anak dah besar-besar pun. 

p.s : Thaqif's birthday is coming real soon. But i am still contemplating about so many stuff. I wanna do a very private and intimate party. Just very close family and very close friends. Tapi Tok Thaqif suruh ajak ramai-ramai. First cucu lah katekan.. We'll see how. Kun (jadilah) fayakun (maka jadilah). InsyaAllah.

Till then...


April 16, 2012

It's Her Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mama!!

High tea at The Apartment KLCC before we head off to Wangsa Maju for dinner.

Thaqif tarik rambut, sebab nak mintak i suapkan the food. Sakit okay dia tarik. Kadang2 rasa nak menjerit marah je. Bila nak marah dia buat muka comel and sweet. Okay tak jadi marah. Saba je lah.

Punyalah susah nak dapat picture perfect dengan Thaqif. Adeeeeee je yang dia cuba buat untuk spoil kan gambar. Lol. Geram tau kadang2.

Main tiup2 dengan Mommy. Panas sangat sampai rambut basah macam mandi. Aircond kat situ tak rasa langsung. Kesian Thaqif.

My precious

Mama's favourite section. 

 Dearest Abah and Mama

The foods, minus the steam fish. 


The surprise moment. Menjadi okay?? Haha..sorry Mama.

 The biggest sponsors ;P  Thanks y'all!

Birthday dinner at Sri Ayutthayya. Thanks to Fuzy and Amir for the treat! May Allah bless both of you.

Thaqif dah restless. Ajak Papa keluar ambik angin dekat smoking area. Luckily takde orang tengah smoke that time.

1.The entrance
2.The smoking area

Last but not least, my yayang kenit! Was not in his best mood that night. Tak dapat menikmati makanan dengan sepenuh perasaan.

Went back home happy and overload tummy! 
Alhamdulillah. Thanks again to my baby sis and bro.

Till then....


April 12, 2012

Loving The Look

i am no fashionista what-so-ever but i do need to revamp my wardrobe.
 i could not afford it now. 
even if i have some cash, i'll be splurging on Thaqif's stuff everytime we went out.
ha-ha..typical mommy i am. boo-hoo!
how lah?

till then...


Shows That I Can't Live Without

Shows That I Can't Live Without

Shows That I Can't Live Without by farra-rahman featuring hair accessories

till then...


April 11, 2012

I Miss!

i miss andy and nancy botwin. you'd understand how i feel if you are a Weeds 'nerd'. miss sampai i feel like something missing in life and feel like crying. crazy liddat!
must get the new season a.s.a.p!

till then,


Sunday Full With ♥

Assalamualaikum lovelies!
Happy much today is a public holiday? Hehe..My hubs is working and so is my baby sis. So it's just a normal weekdays for me and Thaqif. But my mom and baby bro is coming to our house in a bit.  :) How bout you guys? 

It's quite sunny today. Tapi tak seteruk last Monday, sampai migraine dibuatnya. Owh did you guys heard about the Earthquake? Apparently theres an earthquake in Acheh, Indonesiagoin on now  [8.9 Ritcher scale.] Kuat gegaran tu sampai terasa di Cyberjaya, PJ, Bangsar, Kedah and Perak. While K were doing his work, suddenly he felt dizzy. Ingatkan betul-betul sakit kepala ke apa, sebab memang sejak kebelakangan ni suka sakit kepala. So dia pun buat biasa je la. Then he came to me, i told him the news, lepas dia cakap " laaaa..patutla ayang rasa pening tadi. rupenya ada gegaran." Luckily I tak rasa, maybe because i was on the bed. Hopefully nothing bad will happen. *pray*

Im gonna continue my weekend update. This happened last Sunday. Got an invitation from Pp for Yaya's engagement party since last 2 weeks or so. I am so excited cuz Putri going to do Ya's make up on her special day. But at the same day, we have a wedding[K's cousin] in Klang to attend. Mula-mula dah macam down sebab event dah clash, takut tak sempat nak pegi. But then i cuba jugak untuk datang dua-dua. Alhamdulillah...both events attended. :)

Finally we get to meet the lovely Momma P and LiliChan!!♥ But poor P, sakit perut pulak and Lili was not in her best mood. Called Putri as soon as we arrived, unfortunately she was on the way back home to Al-Farrel. Too bad. But it's okay. We'll meet again this coming Sunday InsyaAllah, for Al first birthday bash! Boy, how time flies!

The 4 of us! Look how fat i am compared to Pp. P, you nak gemokkan sikit badan kan? Nah, i bagi lemak sikit kat you. FOC!  :P 

The only pictures i have with Yaya! Sekejap je sempat camwhoring. Sebab we were in rush. Langsung takde gambar yang proper. Mesti ade je yang spoil.  But what the heck, it's still precious to me. Congrats Yaya & Matin!

We were there only for about 45mins or less i guess cuz we have to rushed to a wedding in Klang. But of course we didnt left empty handed. P gave us some cute and yummy cupcakes! Ya made all of 'em herself. How cool is that! I love her version of red velvet because it's less sweet. My mom pun boleh makan because she has diabetes. Nanti nak order lagi kat Ya.Sedaaap! You guys pon boleh order kalau teringin nak rasa. Click --> Cake Walk

Some shots the K's cousin's wedding in Klang.

1. Actually, this picture was taken at Yaya's engagement party :P
2. The 3 of us, dah berlemoih [berlengas].
3. Qif dah penat sangat dengan panas dan berpeluhnya, kesian.
4. K's siblings with our dearest Nenek.

Thaqif in middle of destroying his Aunty Era's pelamin for akad nikah. Hehe.

Qif dah tukar baju sebab kesian dah terlampau panas. Basah baju dia. Rambut pon basah macam baru lepas mandi je.

Okay, my mom and baby bro dah sampai. Next up, my dearly beloved Mama's high tea and birthday dinner! See ya!

p.s:  Thanks for having us Pp and Yaya. Keep in touch ♥

pss: Yayy!! I dah dapat balik dah lemak-lemak yang hilang haritu. Syukur Alhamdulillaaah. 

Till then...


April 10, 2012

When A Workaholic Took A Day Off

Assalamualaikum lovelies!

Yeay!! Finally my baby sis took a day off. [actually because UK was on a public holiday in conjunction with the Easter holiday]. So she decided to take Thaqif and me for lunch at Empire. But we changed the destination [last minute] because I wanted to give Cotton On Kids a quick 'visit'. Hehehe...

Trying on a necklace at Cotton On Kids. And Mommy almost buy it for him! I said...NO NEED!! Mommy always wanna buy everything that Thaqif land his hand on. Sigh...she's spoiling him, I swear! Not good, not good.

Checking out hot girls, while Mama was trying to find where the heck is Delicious Cafe. LOL.

Thaqif is having a hard time choosing his lunch. It seems like everything in the menu is yummy!

Vain moment; Mommy Fuzy and I. Vain tak perlu bayar, bak kata a good friend of mine Putri

Thaqif and his lunch meal. Fish & Chips; which I have to finish it eventually. 

Happy boy is having his lunch

Bomding time with Mommy after a hearty lunch.

He hates camera. He got it from his Papa, obviously. :P

Mommy Fuzy bought him a new pool and he was so excited splashing and moving around the pool. Thanks alot mommeyh! We love you too much, you already know that rite?

So much  going on last weekend. I'm tryna update it one by one depends on my mood. 
[actually if time permit, boo-hoo!]

till then...