May 13, 2011

The Impromptu 'So-Called-Wishlist' Requested By My Sweet & Loving Family And Friends

Hola my dear family and friends. Okay, I have zero intention to put up my baby+mommy stuff wishlist on my blog or any other social networking. Nada!  But, since there's a lot of friends and family been asking me what's our wishlist and they want it to be in details, i guess i better do before alot more people asking. I don't wanna do a wishlist because i know baby+mommy stuff is so darn expensive. I dun wanna put any pressure to anyone. But...sigh, more than a person have requested me doing it. 

So here is the list, my dear family and friends. You ask for it, you got it...  :P

1. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

or Medela Swing will do too...

 2. Philips Avent Food/Milk Warmer


3. Iiamo Self-Heating Feeding Bottle [preferably in green or white]

4. Tommee Tippee Insulated Bottle Bag

4.Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier [preferably in Green Energy or Red Heart or Black Diamond]

5. Philips AVENT Newborn Starter Set Honey Colour BPA Fre

6.Philips AVENT Electric Steam Steriliser

7. Fisher Price Jumperoo

8. Fisher Price Baby Bouncer

Again, this is just our personal wishlist. No forcing
For those who have been tagged. GOTCHA! hehe.. ;P


May 10, 2011

The Talent That I Always Wanted...

Is to write music & song and play guitar & piano and sing it! I always berangan that me and Mr.K have this duo band and i sing he'll play guitar or piano and vise versa. And then when we have kids, our kids will also have the talent of singing and play instrument. We don't wanna go big, but low profile, just a homemade video, share it with people who appreciate music and talent. Berangan,berangan,berangan. Tak salah kan? Free je pon. Hihi..but who knows, right? =P

Let me share this video with you guys. I fell in love with boy, Aziz Harun. Uber talented! He's only 11 i think, started singing when was 8 or something.. Please just listen. You'll melt!


I No Like Dis Waiting Game

Hola everyone. No, I haven't give birth yet. Still in the waiting game. I still have 5 more days til my EDD. My baby son is really taking his own sweet time in my tummy. He must really like it in there, the most comfy pad for him. Hehe. 

Went for another check up with Dr.Hamidah last Thursday. Did CTG scan, cuz i feel like my fetal movement is a bit slow, not as active as he was before. But his heartbeat is normal and healthy, sounds like a very strong healthy horse running. Baby is already engaged and Dr.Hamidah did checked on my vagina to see whether my cervix is already dilating or not but seinci pon serviks tak bukak lagi  :(  Nampaknye macam lame lagi lah nak kene tunggu. I plan for vaginal delivery, [well at least i really hope i can]. But if the cervix won't dilate at my 40th week, maybe i have to change my plan, which go for c-sect. I seriously don't want to be induce [force labor]. If i choose to be induce, and my cervix won't dilate [it happened couple of my friends], doctor will definitely cut your tummy, no turning back. So i've made my decision, i don't want to suffer twice. Just cut me open.

But in the meantime, i'm gonna wait til my EDD which is May 15th 2011, this upcoming Sunday. Although Dr.Hamidah said, i could wait till another 12 days, after the my EDD but, i don't think i can wait any longer. Unless if there's something wrong with his movement, then she suggest us to induce or go for c-sect. She does not want to take any risk. But as long as the baby is healthy in my tummy, i still can wait till 12 days after my due. So yeah, we'll see how. 

Last Sunday i experienced some mild contraction/Braxton Hicks every one hour from 12.30am til 4.15am. Then i fell asleep till 7.30 in the morning. But that night, i seriously and very confident that i will be labor the next day, but, guess is wrong. Nothing happened the next morning. 

Now here i am, at home waiting for the big moment. 

p/s . going for the next check up this Friday. hopefully i'm dilating. :)