May 10, 2011

The Talent That I Always Wanted...

Is to write music & song and play guitar & piano and sing it! I always berangan that me and Mr.K have this duo band and i sing he'll play guitar or piano and vise versa. And then when we have kids, our kids will also have the talent of singing and play instrument. We don't wanna go big, but low profile, just a homemade video, share it with people who appreciate music and talent. Berangan,berangan,berangan. Tak salah kan? Free je pon. Hihi..but who knows, right? =P

Let me share this video with you guys. I fell in love with boy, Aziz Harun. Uber talented! He's only 11 i think, started singing when was 8 or something.. Please just listen. You'll melt!


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