October 31, 2011


One of my favourite store for babies!! Their baby girl dresses are to die for! But unfortunately for me i only have a son. 

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I wish I have more time

To at least clean the house, finish some books that i've started, watch ten movies in 2 days, do my scrap book, select photos to be print and frame it, baking; i wanna bake some cookies and bun!, shopping clothes,shoes and handbags for myself, cuddling time with Thaqif and K, and last but not least eating peacefully.

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October 28, 2011

My Baby Brother Is The naked Chef!

Kinda late to post this entry actually. But I still wanna do it. Because by blogging I can remember what event happens around the year. I tend to be forgetful all the time. And some time I even think I have a short term memory syndrome you know. Seriously it scares me to death. So my blog is kinda like my notebook/diary that hold every of my important events! Tapi banyak jugak event yang penting-penting contohnya my wedding, my honeymoon, I tak post kat sini. Sebab it was in my previous blog. And that blog dah expired. Too bad! Sigh~

Back to my baby brother’s convocation day. It happened last Saturday at Putrajaya International
Convention Centre (PICC). My parents slept over at our house for 2 nights. [Best!] Bukan senang nak pujuk both of them especially my dad.

We went there a bit late because my baby brother insist us to come around 12.30. No point of waiting him there since morning according to him. My parents didn’t get to see him receiving the scroll tho. But yeah, who cares, as long as you pass and finish your study pon dah cukup bersyukur dah. [we are so proud of you baby brother!]

Nothing much that day, we came to see him and camwhoring. We didn’t buy him flowers bouquet pon, but then suddenly his girlfriend sampai bawak a bouquet of red roses! [Auuwwww~] 

Later on my baby sister and I treated the whole family for lunch at The Gardens, Alamanda. Banyak lalat kat situ. Rimas tau. Tempat cantik tapi banyak lalat pulok!

Here are some of pictures of us during the convocation.

p.s : Esok [Sabtu], my baby sister punya konvokesyen pulak.


October 27, 2011


I'm in the office now. It's now 5:08pm.
Waiting for K to fetch me up.
Been missing him the whole day today.
I miss him.
My little baby boy.

Owh K is here now. Ciao!

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October 25, 2011

I Read 1 : Grace After Midnight : A Memoir

currently reading this book

Allow me to quote a little somethin' somethin' from this book :
"I'm not making excuses,and I'm not feeling sorry for myself. Don't expect you to feel to sorry for me, especially now that things have turned around. Just want to tell my story while it's fresh." If any one has a right to make excuses, it would be Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, the author of Grace After Midnight. She stopped breathing at the hospital where she was born, but the doctors somehow found a way to revive this quivering, cross-eyed, crack-addicted three-pound baby. Her violent, disturbing story snaps us to attention like a chain reaction car crash and then leaves us, sitting in wonderment, thankful that we're alive.

This is based on a true story. I haven't finish reading this book yet, but it made me think alot about how one person should not do drugs and get addicted and have a child. And when you had one don't just ignore him/her but you have to bring him/her up in a normal and decent way. Like Felicia "Snoop", her mother is a crack addict and her biological father is a murderer. Her mother gave her up to a foster home as soon as she was born. And you know how her mother treat her when they supposed to have mother-daughter bonding session for the first time in her life at the age of 8? Meh sini nak bagitau, she(her mother) forced her to stripped and then she took all of her clothes and asked her to get into the closet and locked it. And do you know why her mother did that in the first place? Because she wanted her daughter's dress not because she wanted to wear it, but because she wanna sell it for cracks. An 8 years old kid, being forced like that by her own mother which she always look up to. How sad it is. All she need was a tender loving care from a person called Mom. But what did she get? Sigh~ 

I get so emotional when i read this book. So kesian lah this girl. I haven't had time to finish up this book, need to find some time to do. Usually i will read after Thaqif went to bed at night. While K plays his PS3.

I'm so sleepy now. I need to get some sleep before it's too late. I really hope i can finish this book as soon as possible. And I know i will keep on cursing reading it, because there's so many bad character innit. Here i leave you guys with a video of this girl named Felicia "Snoop" Pearson from YouTube.

Buenos noches!


October 23, 2011

October 22, 2011

Shop At Robinsons!

Morning Sunday! 
How's everyone doing today? Takde ape-ape plan ke harini? While I'm doin this entry, Thaqif is asleep with his Papa, and my nigga neighbour is having some church thingy and singing some gospel. 

We might be going to KL Convention Centre for the Homedec expo later. 
Semalam pegi Mid Valley, sebab K ingat Homedec tu kat Mid Valley. Rupenya tersilap. Tapi selalunye memang dua tempat ni jadi port Homedec pun. Semalam K dah semangat dah. Sekali pegi-pegi tengok ade MAPEX expo dengan autombil saje. Tapi best jugak, boleh cuci mata tengok properties. Ade satu rumah tu best gile! kat Kemensah,Twin Palms Residency, banglo 3 tingkat, 2.57M!!! Gile kan? kat Kemensah tu derrrr. Mane nak dapat harga camtu dah. Tapi K kate kat Cyberjaya punya lagi best. Whatever happens, we're not going to move to KL area. K tak suke. Me? I kinda like it, tapi bile fikir balik, betul jugak cakap K. Cyberjaya lagi better than KL area. 

Brochure dah banyak ambik, nanti nak pegi show house. Tengok lah nanti mane yang berkenan dan mampu. Pastu kat situ jugak ade buat jualan kereta jugak. Sekali ternampak pulak kereta yang selalu i drive untuk hantar Thaqif pegi sekolah dalam mimpi... =P

Owh, and I didn't know Stavic is cheap! Tak penah tau pun pricing dia. And tak pernah pulak rasa nak tau sebab tengok macam mahal gile! Tapi jangkaan i salah! That's why orang tua-tua selalu berpesan, never judge a book by its cover. Harga SsangYong Stavic on the road is only 102K. With leather seat, 11 seaters, memang berbaloi-baloi! Dan-dan tu terpikir nak buat bisnes bas sekolah. Tapi road tax dia agak mahal lah. 1K+ jugaklah setahun sebab 2.7L.  

   Spacious! Tak perlu bawak dua kereta kalau nak pegi bercuti ramai-ramai satu family.

Lepas dah penat kumpul broucher, off we went to our actual mission. To find a bedsheet for our new bed. Before we went to Robinsons, we've been searching around Aussino lah, Ikea lah, Akemiuchi lah, Friven & Co. lah tapi tak jumpe yang berkenan di hati my dear beloved husband K. He's a very fussy man, bile masuk bab-bab deko mendeko ni. Pastu nak beli yang 100% Egyptian cotton dengan 700 thread counts, tapi nak harga bawah 1K. Tak ke berpeluh dan menggigil lutut nak mencari tu? menggigil lutut sebab dah jenuh berjalan tapi jumpanya tidak. LOL. Tetapi, Robinsons telah berupaya memuaskan hati K. Yayyyy to that! I love Robinsons! Nasib baik lah ade Robinsons kalau tak, i dun noe when are we gonna get the new bedsheet. We spent the whole 4 hours in the bedroom department just to find the most satisfying bedsheet. Jumpa jugak akhirnya. Sale pulak tu kat Robinsons! Jimat dan berbaloi-baloi. Hallmark bedsheet set siap dengan duvet cover and extra 2 pillow shams with 600 thread counts boleh dapat dlm RM800 to RM1.2k. Tak ke rambang mata tu? Sale up to 70% pulak tu. Memang histeria lah kejap. Pastu K bawak i ke jalan yang benar balik. Nasib ade K. Haha..serious dowh, i think there's a reason why Allah jodoh kan I dengan K. Supaya K dapat mengawal nafsu membeli saya. I always bought things that i don't need and hardly use it. Kadang-kadang tu bile kemas-kemas bilik jumpa lah macam-macam khazanah yang masih baru dalam plastik tak bukak-bukak lagi. Sampai dah tak ingat zaman bila i beli. Back to the bedsheet story, lepas dah 4 jam kat situ finally we've made our decision. Lama gila kan nak buat decision? Kitorang dua memang macam tu, kalau nak beli sesuatu memang akan gadoh-gadoh dulu pastu sorang tak puas hati, sorang lagi try nak convince, pastu lepas dah dua setuju, sorang lagi akan tanya balik "betul ke ni ok? sayang suka tak ni?" hahaha...and it goes on and on and on...sampai berjam-jam. Haha..memang macam tu since we're not married lagi. Kadang-kadang nak beli barang remeh macam berus gigi atau shower gel pon boleh gadoh. Haha...Bukan lah gadoh macam marah-marah baling barang camtu, tapi gadoh pendapat. Kadang i nak yang itu, tapi K nak yang ini. Tapi yang ini sebenarnya lebih bagus dari yang itu, cuma mungkin warna yang itu lebih cantik daripada yang ini. Tapi yang ini ade function yang lebih bagus dari yang itu. I pilih yang itu sebab warna yang cantik, tapi K pilih yang ini sebab function dia lebih menarik. Macam tu lah lebih kurang contoh gadoh pendapat tu. Kalau korang tak paham takpelah. I memang macam ni, kalau cerita selalu je orang susah nak paham cerita i. LOL.

Lepas dah dapat bedsheet set, letak kat kaunter. Ternampak pulak kids/baby department. Ape lagi, beli lah barang untuk Thaqif. Pantang nampak. Beli lagi satu pacifier.This time we bought Pigeon punya tapi yang step 2 punya pulak. Then we also bought a trainee cup from Munchkin. I think it's time for Thaqif to try the trainee cup. I like the Munchkin trainee cup because of the color and it does not spill, cuma dia takde penutup je. Avent punya macam dull sikit tapi ade penutup. Harga pon lebih kurang je. 

Ooooppps Thaqif dah bangun. K suruh siap-siap mak pegi Homedec at KLCC. Hopefully ade lah deal yang menarik for stuff that we're lookin' for. Gotta go..see ya when I see ya!

p.s :

Robinsons saved us! Alhamdulillah. hehe..kalau nak beli bedsheet yg sedap-sedap rase macam hotel dan murah, go to Robinsons! Berbaloi-baloi. 


October 21, 2011


Adding more bookshelf.


I defeat the Monday Blues

I don’t have much work at the office on Monday.  So besides social networking via Jacqueline, I made plans for the whole week including weekends. As I browsing my FB newsfeed, suddenly I saw one of my bestie from high school status yang bunyinya “ Susah nak jumpa kawan nowadays.semua kerja.if nak jumpa kene tunggu afta working hours which is lambat dah” .. Hehe, so I quickly replied with “Mak okay je lambat pun hihi. Jom lah airaaa.” 

Haaaaa….nampak tak macam mane I plan for my weekdays and weekends? Actually I don’t plan at all. Tibe-tibe terjadi. Tu pasal I malas nak berjanji sangat. Kalau berjanji bagai selalunya mesti plan cancel. Just impromptu! That’s more I like it! Barulah ‘carpe diem’kan? Memang dari umur 10 tahun(darjah 4) I dah terpaut dengan pepatah ‘carpe diem’ ni, dah sebati dah, tak boleh nak pisahkan lagi. Memang jenis yang tak fikir panjang dan tak nak serabut otak sebab for me life is too short. Eh, tapi bab nak benti kerja tu memang kene fikir panjang sikit dari selalu, ahaha, sebab nanti macam mane nak hantar Thaqif masuk sekolah yang best kan? Dahlah kawasan dekat rumah I tu sekolah die gettho-gettho belaka. Yang ini boleh excuse sikit. Walaupun sebenarnye TAK NAK fikir panjang, tapi demi Thaqif’s education, Mama gotta do what Mama gotta do, right? Early education is very important and can be very expensive nowadays. Takut I tengok fees diorang untuk satu semester.Bile tengok fees rase macam cukuplah sorang anak je, lebih dari satu macam tak mampu pulak. Fees per annum saje  boleh buat downpayment sebijik VW Polo.  Sebab tu I rase macam nak postponed dulu niat berhenti kerja ni. Tapi....... arh forget about it.

I rasa macam dah terlari topic dah ni. Patutnya nak buat topic pasal early education ni in one entry.Nantilah buat. Let’s get back to the main topic. Pasal perjumpaan I dengan kawan baik masa sekolah menengah dulu. Lepas I comment on her status on FB, then she replied me on Twitter. Haha..betul2 menggunakan teknologi dengan sebaiknya kan? Pendekkan cerita, we agreed to meet at Sunway Pyramid. It’s good to see her, baby Mia and her husband. Last I saw them when she was still in confinement period. Macam biasa lah bila dah jumpa cerita-cerita lah pasal life sekarang dengan baby, gossip-gossip sikit (sikit je tak banyak pun), gelak-gelak, pastu camwhoring lah. But too bad lah, can’t stay longer sebab her husband has to wake up early in the morning for work. So kene balik awal sikit. (around 10pm) Aira kate baby Mia tak penah lagi balik lambat-lambat macam ni. Thaqif pulak dah biasa.Takut pulak kalau Mia tak biasa nanti balik rumah die nangis2. Tapi tak nangis kot, Mia steady je. 

1. Meet mia Adrianna. 
2.Curlassss kan pillow Mia tu? I loike sangat.

1.Thaqif playtime with papa
 2. Aira feeding Mia, and carrying Thaqif
3. My Lil' Einstein

1. Mommy, Thaqif and Mama
2. Mia with Uncle K, Thaqif with Auntie A

You see K wants a daughter so he can call her daddy's girl forever, and D wants a son so that he has a partner to play PS3

My Lil Einstein & Me :)

p.s : Aira, I’m glad that we met last Monday. Kalau tak, ntah bile lah nak jumpa. Tiba-tiba je nanti dapat kad undangan ke majlis perkahwinan Puteri /Putera kami. :P   Hope we get to do this again! 


October 20, 2011

One Of A Kind!


The Star Wars Wedding!
Cool tak? Ni wedding my x-classmate mase kat UiTM dulu. Cool habis dowh!
She said it is not easy to convince bots sides parents to agree to this theme though. 

Credit : Kudegraphy & Olin


Milk Vs Blood

21 Oktober 2011
Pertumpahan darah berlaku.
Selepas 5 bulan 2 minggu.
Sedih lah...
Patutlah rasa bekalan semakin berkurang.
I know i'm gonna miss my exclusive bonding time with Thaqif.


October 19, 2011

Little Uncle & Little Aunty

Thaqif with his Uncle Danial and Aunty Tina (my 2 little cousins). Seronok betul diorang dapat carry Thaqif. Dulu masa Thaqif still dalam pantang diorang nak carry jugak, tapi mane boleh they're too small to handle a newborn baby. Sekarang dah boleh dah, happy to the max diorang. Suruh kitorang hantar Thaqif pegi Smart Reader lah, suruh hanta swimming class lah macam-macam lah. Pastu siap pesan lagi, nanti kalau nak pegi tengok movie or dating tinggalkan Thaqif kat rumah diorang. They want to babysit Thaqif. Macam-macam, nasib baik cute and adorable.


Too Hot To Handle

Susah betul nak handle Thaqif sekarang. Tak boleh duduk diam. Kaki pulak suka menendang. Sakit pulak tu kalau Thaqif tendang. Nasib baik setiap pagi suka buat muke adorable lepas tu kiss pipi Mama dengan cara menjilat, habis basah dengan saliva Thaqif yang wangi tu. Hehe.. I love to the butt baby! Eh, to the bone!


October 18, 2011

Get Me Out!

Thaqif : O Ma, get me out of this thing pwisssshhhhh~


My Time Is Precious!

I will spend my time every second after work and weekends with my Lil'Einstein!


October 14, 2011

BBW Entourage!

We're going to the Big Bad Wolf again later after lunch. My cousin geram tengok buku yang I beli untuk Thaqif and buku resipi. Nak cari Kabul Beauty School sebab ada cousin lagi sorang pesan. And my baby sister pulak pesan the complete whole set of the Shopaholics. Hopefully i can find it! And i'll get another Jamie Olivers for Mama tak pun Nigella Lawson takpun Chinese recipe book. For Abah I'll get him Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Hihi.. Okay gotta go. Nak pegi masak lunch. Cousins will be arriving at 1. See ya when I see ya!

p.s: how do u like my new layout? HAHA! its sucks, i dun like it! tapi semalam dah ngantuk sangat nak cari yang cantik2. esok kalau ada masa nak buat baru.


October 13, 2011


October 13th, 2011

Happy 5months my deary Little Einstein!!!


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October 12, 2011

Cousins Galore!

- i forgot to put up subtitle :P -

Last weekend was very hectic and fun for us. Saturday went crazy at the BBW Book Sale, on Sunday went crazy with the cousins. I have like only 11 cousins from my dad’s side. 9 of us are all 20 years old and above. The other 2 are still in the primary school. It’s not easy for the 9 of us to gather all together. Maybe once in a 2 years. Because some is studying abroad, some is busy with work and stuff and etc. The last reunion we had was August 2008. So last Sunday, we did it again. It was impromptu though. Everyone was there except for my baby brother because he already had his own plan.

All have grown up. And the family is growing. 2 married with kids, 2 recently just got married,1 engaged, 2 in a relationship and 1 single. I think the actual reason  for the reunion is to celebrate the my newlywed cousin Mira who just got back from Cuba for good after 6 long years! Man, I didn’t know how she survived there for 6 years. Restecpa! In fact she is the first Malaysian student who got scholarship from the Government of Cuba. Imagine that! Her Cuba experiences are very interesting.It got us all uuuuuuuuu-aaaaaaaaaaa-uuuuuuuuuu-aaaaaaaaaa all day and all night . Life in Cuba was really hard she said. No water from the tap, some houses have no doors, no beef, foods are limited, salaries are very low. You wanna guess how much is the salary there ?

Average salary USD25! Even doctors only earn USD25 per month. Can u imagine?? USD25 only!! Salaries are very low but foods and stuff are expensive. Hidup kat sana memang susah. Her husband even said, Malaysians should be grateful to have all the facilities and freedom. Malaysians should stop complaining about this and that. Try to live in Cuba for a month, you'll see how blessed you are. We’re all so proud of her because she can survive all by herself in Cuba for effing 6 years man! 6 years!! She said she had to because she wanted to finish what she started. She studied Humanities, all in Spanish. She master her Spanish [reading,writing,speaking] just in 1 year! *pengsan* she’s too awesome lah! Everyone is learning Spanish now. Finally i can continue my Spanish lesson. :) Thaqif is also going to learn Spanish when he knows how to read. InsyaAllah.

Look how manja he is with Aunty Jaz. One more month to go to finish her chambering.

With Uncle Faizal and Mommy Fuzy

Serious money-making talk

Uncle Faizal : Thaqif, you wanna follow me to offshore. You can see loads of fishy2
Thaqif : No Uncle Zal, I don't want to. Now let me go..

Bonding session with Aunty Mira and Jaz

Bonding session with Uncle Yoyi and Aunty Mira.They'll make pretty babies!

Uncle Faizal : So how Thaqif? Have you make up your mind?
Thaqif : I don't wanna go offshore. Period. Now please Uncle Zal, put me down.

Rizq Thaqif and El-Ghazi. The only babies for now. Hehe.

K with Yoyi!

Thaqif : I will miss you Uncle Zal. Sorry I can't go offshore with you. Mama will cry if I'm away.
Uncle Faizal : *hug*

Yoyi & Mira

Hafizul & Ila. Congrats on your Masters graduation Ila!

Lil Einstein, Fuzy & me

sempat ber'mothercare' kejap

Uncle Faizal : Thaqif, how do u like my beard? Soft enough?
Thaqif : Errrrr........

This Fridays Sundae was damn delicioso!!!

I was the first who got married. Time tu semua macam terkejut, why so soon? But now, everyone is getting married! Yayyyness! More babies to come!! More nieces and nephews!! <3

p.s : Not in the picture is my baby brother Ameer. Kalau tak, dah complete dah. 
p.s.s : anyone who knows any jobs opening for translator for drama/series/TV subtitle or books, do let me know. thanks in advance! :)