October 25, 2011

I Read 1 : Grace After Midnight : A Memoir

currently reading this book

Allow me to quote a little somethin' somethin' from this book :
"I'm not making excuses,and I'm not feeling sorry for myself. Don't expect you to feel to sorry for me, especially now that things have turned around. Just want to tell my story while it's fresh." If any one has a right to make excuses, it would be Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, the author of Grace After Midnight. She stopped breathing at the hospital where she was born, but the doctors somehow found a way to revive this quivering, cross-eyed, crack-addicted three-pound baby. Her violent, disturbing story snaps us to attention like a chain reaction car crash and then leaves us, sitting in wonderment, thankful that we're alive.

This is based on a true story. I haven't finish reading this book yet, but it made me think alot about how one person should not do drugs and get addicted and have a child. And when you had one don't just ignore him/her but you have to bring him/her up in a normal and decent way. Like Felicia "Snoop", her mother is a crack addict and her biological father is a murderer. Her mother gave her up to a foster home as soon as she was born. And you know how her mother treat her when they supposed to have mother-daughter bonding session for the first time in her life at the age of 8? Meh sini nak bagitau, she(her mother) forced her to stripped and then she took all of her clothes and asked her to get into the closet and locked it. And do you know why her mother did that in the first place? Because she wanted her daughter's dress not because she wanted to wear it, but because she wanna sell it for cracks. An 8 years old kid, being forced like that by her own mother which she always look up to. How sad it is. All she need was a tender loving care from a person called Mom. But what did she get? Sigh~ 

I get so emotional when i read this book. So kesian lah this girl. I haven't had time to finish up this book, need to find some time to do. Usually i will read after Thaqif went to bed at night. While K plays his PS3.

I'm so sleepy now. I need to get some sleep before it's too late. I really hope i can finish this book as soon as possible. And I know i will keep on cursing reading it, because there's so many bad character innit. Here i leave you guys with a video of this girl named Felicia "Snoop" Pearson from YouTube.

Buenos noches!


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