June 23, 2013

I wish, I wish, I wish

And so my blender decided to die sooner than I expected.
(damn u blender!)
In a month+ Wildan is going to have his first solid. Kenelah cari blender baru nampak gayanya.

I want this beauty. 
Need to work harder for this.
I can do it!
Yes you can!

Tolong, ramai-ramai doakan ya? 
terima kasih.



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Where The Magic Happens

My so called humble workstation
24/7 shift
Where all the magic happens
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That's Mr.K, raiding my workstation. Hehe..nahhh, actually he's tryin to repair my 'Natalya'
But, sadly tak boleh repair dah. Hopeless :'(
RIP Natalya..You've been a great buddy to me all this while.
Thank you.