June 17, 2012

When Your Baby Toddler Is A Huge Fan Of Rice

I made pasta for Thaqif's lunch last Friday. Because i was carving for one.

I like it. it's nice although its a bit boring because i forgot to buy mushroom and i didn't put any black pepper innit..

And this is my cheese and broccoli pasta

Thaqif : Eeeeuwww....what's this Ma? Where's my rice? R-I-C-E..rice.

Seriously he is a huge fan of rice. He cud finish 5-6 full table spoons of rice per meal. He eats 2-4 times a day. (Depends on my mood) LOL.

Like mother like son. I cud not live a day without rice. ( i cud but i'd die.) i was on a rice diet for like nearly 3 weeks. Imagine that. Seksa! 

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June 16, 2012

When any man can be a father,but it takes someone special to be a dad.

to my man, the love of my life, the father of my child and not to forget to both of Thaqif's grandpas! Well we celebrated it in advanced last weekend, cuz i know K will be super duper busy today.

It is much easier to become a father than to be one. 
[Kent Nerburn, Letters To My Son: Reflections on Becoming a Man,1994]

My Abah and me. eventhough we were never in the same page, but i still thank to God for giving the best father anyone could have. :)

Father's Day breakfast at home with 

Rizq Thaqif : The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Papa!

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June 15, 2012

Homemade Foods For Baby Toddler

(image from Mr.Google)

I always wanted to share some recipes that I usually cooked for Thaqif ever since he had his first solid food. Meditranean rice, carrot+potato+chicken rice, fish fingers, crispy chicken nuggets, mac&cheese, sauteed mushrooms pasta, vege pancakes, macam-macam lah lagi. But the thing is i'm not really good in giving recipes. Sebab i selalu pakai campak-campak je bila masak.. Hehe..But i will try it sooner or later. InsyaAllah. Stay tuned.


Till then...


When It's Already Friday And K Has To Work Over The Weekend

Assalamualaikum lovelies! It's already Fly-dayyyyyyy... mesti semua orang happy kan? The weekend is here. The three of us will gonna be spending our weekend at home because my dearly beloved husband has to work for 48hours non-stop. Eh, propa je..ade lah break sejam dua je. Buts he's gunna be working from home. Seminggu dah work from home. I rase macam hari2 pon weekend. Lol.

Did you know that O'Briens dah bukak dekat Shaftbury Cyberjaya?? *happy tears* Starbucks tengah dalam construction lagi. I rasa before Raya dah boleh lepak2 situ dah kalau bosan2 dan kalau malas nak drive jauh2. But too bad it's not CBTL. 

Pagi tadi celik mata je rasa nak makan sandwich kat O'Briens. Sebenarnya dari semalam tapi K was too busy and minyak kete pon takde. I am so malas to re-fuel liddat. So tadi dah semangat dah nak pegi. Pagi2 lagi dah siap. Pagi2 lagi i dah cakap dengan Thaqif. 

Me : Thaqif, sat lagi teman Mama pegi O'Briens eh masa lunch?
Thaqif : *long pause, as in he's thinking* okay..tooommm! (siap buat isyarat guna kepala lagi)

LOL! dia punya J jadi T. Jom jadi tooom. 

So off we went. Sekali dalam kereta i cakap dengan K takpelah tak jadi lah makan O'Briens. Kita makan kat Saba' lah. I'm carving for the Lamb Tikka. Lagipun sebab i tau K tak suka O'Briens sandwich. Hehe..mesti nanti muka dia masam je kene makan sandwich tu. Sampai je kat Saba' i ordered the Lamb Tikka yang i mengidam sangat tu. Sekali waiter tu kata, Lamb Tikka takda harini. Griller rosak. So maybe next week baru ada balik. Tuhan je yang tau perasaan i ketika itu. Rasa macam hati ni kene remuk lepas tu kene hempap dengan lori transformers banyak2. Dang! 

Otw to get our lunch. I suka bagi Thaqif main rubik's cubic ni. It is never too early. I selalu buat lawak dan berangan dengan K. 

Me: Yang, kalau Thaqif tiba-tiba datang kat kita tunjuk cubic ni yang dah siap all complete macam mana?   
K : Memang aweosme lah! Bapak dia pon kalah kalau macam tu,

Adik K boleh settle kan cubic ni without even looking dalam mase berapa saat je tau. Masa tu dia baru standard 5 or 6. Crazy okay! I ade simpan video. Memang genius. I sampai sekarang tak reti. Fail langsung! Tak genius langsung. LOL

A lil bit of a drama mesti ada.

Happy face after lunch.Dah besarkan Thaqif? Kejap je rasa. He's 13months already.

Lepas balik dari lunch terus tido! Life is good!


till then...


June 14, 2012

He's Home!

Ingredient for our lunch today.

My MIL signature dish/ my hubs favourite dish! Sangat yumms i tell you. Tak tipu. I boleh makan 3 pinggan nasi kalau lauk ni. Tak sedar!

And...my baby is home!!! After 4 nights sleepover at Tok's house.
We miss him like craayyyzayyyy! Lain kali 2 hari je boleh,ok? Takleh lebih. Hehe..He's more matured! Banyak dance move baru, banyak vocab baru, main bola dah makin terer, tengok bola pon pandai. kalau goal dia akan jerit GOALLLLLL!!! sambil angkat dua2 tangan ke atas. And he really can understand what we say. Banyak dan cepat betul development Thaqif for 13months old toddler.Geram! Akhirnya dapat lepas rindu selama 4 malam kat rumah tok. 

till then...


Take Care

I swear i can't get this song off of my head. Bangun tido terus dengar lagu ni, masak pasang lagu ni,   nak tido pon terngiang-ngiang lagu ni. Macam mana nak cakap eh? Korang tau kot macam mana rasa dia. 

So just wanna share it with you guys. seriously, this song has been haunting me for 4 days already. hehe..dulu dah dengar tapi tak download. sekali dah download...ambik! sejuta kali dah ulang rasanya.

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June 13, 2012

Of Delivery Job & Chillin' And Father's Day Dinner

My besties from high school ordered some popiah and curry puffs from us. (thank you so much!)
We then hung out and chillin and pot pet and chamwhoring somewhere in KL. Bid farewell around 5 or 6o'clock. Then off we went to celebrate Father's Day in advanced. Because on the 16th K have to work. Second weekend of the months are always the busiest for K. So we decided to celebrate it earlier. 

2 moms and a wifey. Look how colorful our clothes are. <3


Thaqif and Mia bonding sesh. Hehe..

Thaqif suap papa sambil cakap Happy Father's Day Pa!

With my bestfriend in the whole wide world/ baby sis. Tapi kita suka gadoh. Itu memang hobi.Kalau tak gaduh sehari rasa kosong. LOL

K missing in action. I thought he went to the loo this time, rupanya he went downstairs to the cashier. So this picture is not purr-fect.

That's some summary updates from last weekend. 
To my dad :
 You've been a great dad, Abah eventhough we never in the same page. LOL. 

To my husband, the father of my child :
You are doing great as father to our babyboy, sayang. Thaqif always will look up to you as a great dad! Keep it up!xoxo.

(being a father is not an easy job.its as tough as mothers too. that's why we have to team-up!)

Till then...


Thank You To All Our Customers

We just wanna say thank you to all of our customers for being so supportive :) You guys are the coolest! Love!

We're on our second production now, and it is more tastier than the first one i tell you. Yummmms!! Alhamdulillah, order keeps coming in. Tak menang tangan, tapi happy walaupun penat. Sekarang ni we also cater for open houses, birthday parties and etc. (maximum 200pax only) .So far we have like kuih melayu tradisional, mee goreng, kuew teow goreng, mihun goreng and anything that you request we will try to fulfill it. InsyaAllah, To those who wanna order, please feel free to drop us an email at homemadewithlurve@gmail.com for more details.

p.s : we have some slightly change on the C.O.D terms. We are charging RM6 per delivery for  any purchase below RM60. Only around Putra Perdana, Puchong is free delivery. 

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June 10, 2012

Happy Monday!


p/s: It's date week for us. Thaqif is spending the night at Tok's house for 3 or 4 days. We already miss him dearly.

Till then...


June 8, 2012

Kithen Lovin'

Finally we got our printer fixed! As good as new. Welcome back Brother! Hehe..
Now here are some images that i wanted to print and to be frame on the wall of our kitchen.

and lil tea pot wall art!

Enjoy your weekend!

Till then...


Happy Friday & Weekend!

Assalamualaikum lovelies! Salam jumaah. How was your Fly-Day so far? I bet you guys can't wait to go home to your loved ones. I'm having a slow Friday. Just chillin' at home and doing some packing. (boy, i hate packing! who doesnt?)

Juling good morning what-so-ever. 

Didn't i tell ya our dryer has gone kaput? Been serving us for 4 years. The new dryer  is supposedly  arrive by today. But they postponed it to next week due to some reason. So i had no choice but to wash and hang thaqif's clothes (2weeks collection). These are only quarter of his. Thank God for sucha beaftiful sunny Friday. Cepat sikit kering.

Last Tuesday my bebe and i. Did some popiah and curry puff delivery job. Thanks to my x-unimate who bought loads of our homemade frozen popiah and curry puff! love u lah! :) Nanti boleh order lagi..

Bareface pon boleh lah.Malas make-up I don't really like make-up sebab tak pandai. Hehe..Do i have to apologize for being such vain? Bak kate Putri, vain tak kene bayar pon. LOL.

Weekend is finally here. I'm gonna be working on this Saturday. Yeah i signed up for a part time job. 11am-3pm. Kejap je. But the pay is good. That's why i signed up for it. I need the money cuz you know why. Hahaha...sales are everywhere! i couldn't resist. Sunday, i have a delivery job to do. 2 of my besties from high-school ordered a few of our homemade frozen curry puff and popiah. Sambil deliver, sambil chill. Ayte, gotta go now. Need to check whether the clothes i hung dah kering ke belum ntah. Happy Weekend everyone! Love, don't hate! Peace.

p.s : Oh, i did some 'face lift makeover'. Like it? Yay or Nay?

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June 7, 2012

When We Plan To Expand : Part1

Went for house-viewing for the past couple of months.

 Rumah idaman.

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Now That I Have A Toddler

This photo was taken when Thaqif is getting for his 12mos jab. Strong boy! Didn't cry at all. Maybe sebab dah biasa kot. Mak dia yang seriau, because usually jab kat bum-bum, this time kat lengan. Hehehe,,, 

It's getting easier to put him to sleep nowadays. Although i always pray and wish that he could fall asleep all by himself. Hehe.. But syukur Alhamdulillah. Dulu lagi susah. 

Till then...