June 8, 2012

Happy Friday & Weekend!

Assalamualaikum lovelies! Salam jumaah. How was your Fly-Day so far? I bet you guys can't wait to go home to your loved ones. I'm having a slow Friday. Just chillin' at home and doing some packing. (boy, i hate packing! who doesnt?)

Juling good morning what-so-ever. 

Didn't i tell ya our dryer has gone kaput? Been serving us for 4 years. The new dryer  is supposedly  arrive by today. But they postponed it to next week due to some reason. So i had no choice but to wash and hang thaqif's clothes (2weeks collection). These are only quarter of his. Thank God for sucha beaftiful sunny Friday. Cepat sikit kering.

Last Tuesday my bebe and i. Did some popiah and curry puff delivery job. Thanks to my x-unimate who bought loads of our homemade frozen popiah and curry puff! love u lah! :) Nanti boleh order lagi..

Bareface pon boleh lah.Malas make-up I don't really like make-up sebab tak pandai. Hehe..Do i have to apologize for being such vain? Bak kate Putri, vain tak kene bayar pon. LOL.

Weekend is finally here. I'm gonna be working on this Saturday. Yeah i signed up for a part time job. 11am-3pm. Kejap je. But the pay is good. That's why i signed up for it. I need the money cuz you know why. Hahaha...sales are everywhere! i couldn't resist. Sunday, i have a delivery job to do. 2 of my besties from high-school ordered a few of our homemade frozen curry puff and popiah. Sambil deliver, sambil chill. Ayte, gotta go now. Need to check whether the clothes i hung dah kering ke belum ntah. Happy Weekend everyone! Love, don't hate! Peace.

p.s : Oh, i did some 'face lift makeover'. Like it? Yay or Nay?

Till then...


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