September 13, 2012

Insta Addict Much

One of many reasons why i'm not active in blogging anymore. 

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How Can I Not Love Being A Stay At Home Mom

Well, I didn't know that my son decided to work from home today :P

Went to the kitchen just for one minute to fry some nuggets. Keluar dapur je tengok budak kenit ni dah panjat kerusi and 'buat keje'. LOL. Now u tell me, how can i not love being a stay at home mom? Moment like this? Priceless. Buat i tergelak + geram at the same time. I love you lil einstein! Can't wait for my lil baby
jr. to join him.

He's giving the look of  "Mama niiiii.......suka cari pasal snap my picture. I donch like it Ma. I repeat, I DONCH LIKE IT."

Every morning's view. The lazy in bed parents, the curious toddler and the messy room of ours. We need room make over like pronto! Por favor.

Oh by the way. Thaqif turned 16months yesterday! And my Lil Baby Junior is 16 weeks!.
say hi to our Lil Baby Jr.!

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