May 30, 2012

Of Pink Scarf, Play-Doh & Dinners

Assalmualaikum lovelies.
I kinda malas to update panjang lebar. Takut Thaqif bangun, and there goes my ME-time. So imma make it simple for this entry.

Because we had nuthin better to do..hehe

How do i look?? I love how he laugh and smile. Geram! Bila dia ketawa pastu cepat2 pegi cium mulut dia. Wangi gila!!! Bau syurga orang kata. Hehe..

A birthday gift from his friend, Ilham. Play-Doh playtime! He was soooo damn excited to get his hand on it. Mama Thaqif pon excited jugak. Rindu zaman kecik2 dulu. Everytime school holiday mesti sleepover rumah arwah my grandparents kat Subang Jaya, lepas tu main polly pocket, karaoke contest, play-doh with all my siblings and cousins! RINDU!

We made some breakfast for all readers! Hehe..Care to have some?

Last night's dinner. Simple. Ayam goreng dengan bendi goreng sambal pecah telur.

Tonight's dinner.Tomyam ayam, kurma daging, tempe goreng & ikan masin rangup. I miss cooking! Dah lama tak masak sebab barang dah habis dan Thaqif sangat clingy! So last Monday kita pegi shopping groceries sebab i rindu sangat nak masak dan makan masakan sendiri, boleh? Ni kira balas dendam. Hehe.

So yeah, that's it for tonight. I'll try to update again tomorrow. I so wanna update about my cousin's wedding that we attended last Friday. But the photos was toooooo many to choose from. Hehe..semua pon best2! So i need more time to do some editing. Goodnight lovelies! Toodles.

Til then,


Today's lesson : The Art of Self Feeding

Assalamualaikum lovelies! I hope you guys been doing great today. 2 more days till wekkend.Stay focus!

Been teaching Thaqif the art of self-feeding since he was 7 months. Tapi last time i failed. He can't focus. Banyak main-main. i tried again, Alhamdulillah dia boleh suap pakai sudu all by himself! Tapi 3-4 sudu je lah. Lepas tu dia dah boring, dia makan using his hands. Hehehehe...

Just look at the mess he made.  

Sepah habis! Nasib baiklah Mama Thaqif ni tak keje. Hehe..Penat melayan kerenah Thaqif ni. Tapi seronok tengok telatah dia. Kadang2 daripada nak marah tu tak jadi nak marah, pegi gelak pulak sebab Thaqif buat lawak. Hehehe..Mama dia yang garang macam singa pon dia boleh lembutkan. Awesome betul Thaqif ni.

I just love being a stay at home mom! It's a privilege not everyone can get. Alhamdulillah.

Till then,


May 29, 2012

Selekeh Nite Out

Assalamualaikum lovelies!
How was your day so far? I can say mine is productive so far. I manage to cooked lunch and dinner, hihi. *imma happy woman*

The simple yet sedap [puji masakan sendiri :p] lunch i made for K before he off to work. It's chicken sausage & cheese paratha. Macam Hot&Roll punya tu.

Thaqif is being super duper clingy with me. Nak move around the house pun susah. Kalau i bergerak je mesti dia akan ikut sambil menangis2 suruh dukung and bawak dia sekali. Padahal nak pegi dapur minum air je pun. Hehe..I thought bila dah masuk umur setahun Thaqif bolehlah independent sikit. Rupenya tak. Tapi kalau kat rumah Tok dia pandai pulak main sendiri. Banyak akal sungguh. So much about Thaqif i wanna update. Tapi tak cukup masa. Masa terhad. Lol. About his behavior, his vocabssss [many sssss sebab vocab Thaqif dah banyak],his video etc. I think i wanna put his videos on Youtube lah. I forgot that i have a Youtube account. Apa salahnya share video tu kat Youtube kan. Pastu nbanti korang boleh lah tengok kat Youtube, kalau korang rindu Thaqif.. :P

So anyways, these are some photos of us taken last week while we were out for dinner. I call it a 'selekeh fun nite-out' because the 4 of us were very the selekeh one. Because actually we only planned to have lunch in Puchong. Then suddenly my baby sis wanted to cut her and do some treatment. So lame lah nak kene tunggu. Tapi worth it menuggu, sebab lepas tu she belanja us dinner!! Berbaloi. Thanks fuzz! 

Aglio Olio. Tak sedap.

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich. Sedap! And we also had Hotdog with onions and chips, masyaAllah sangat sedap sampai tak sempat snap the picture. hihi..

The Last Polka: Nutella for dessert. Sedap of course..

The selekeh sisters. [in fact,we always selekeh lah, not only for that nite]

So yeah, that's some updates for ya. I'm waiting for K to come back from his futsal game. Starving already! Can't wait to eat my ayam goreng and bendi goreng sambal pecah telur with nasi putih panas, letak kicap sikit! Yummmms!!

till then...


May 28, 2012

The Big ONE!! : His Very FIRST Birthday Bash

Assalamualaikum lovelies!
How was everyones weekend? Hopefully you lovelies had a blast. Mine was fabulous, it was all about love and families! Waahh...i feel like ages tak bersocialize thru blogging. Hehe. I would say May is a very hectic month for me. Full of loves! I'm lovin' it. Alhmadulillah. Last few weeks May 12th,2012 we threw a small party for Thaqif's first birthday. His birthday is actually on May 13th, but 13th falls on Sunday. So we decided to do it Saturday, considering most of our guests are working on the coming Monday. Buat hari Sabtu, bolehlah lepak lama-lama sikit.

The desserts buffet [all the glass jars and fancy plate courtesy of Cakewalk. TQ ;') ] and my DIY party favors. 

Macarons!! Special thanks to my baby sis for sponsoring all the desserts! So yumms! 

Thaqif's FIRST birthday chocolate indulgence cake!! The undeniably tastylicious by the pretty and talented baker Yaya!! Sejuta kali sedap daripada Secret Recipe punya indulgence. Sumpah tak tipu. 

This was taken around 10:45PM if i'm not mistaken.

Clockwise : yours truly with Syura and her cheeky and adorable 2 years old daughter Zara/ Gorgeous bride-to-be,Ain/ cousin Izzat the hot mama/ Andee and his flawless bonda Lynn.

Zara Qistina! I want a babygal after i spent like 15 mins with this cheeky yet adorable lil creature. Geraaaamm!

The only picture of me with these beautiful blogger mommies. Sigh~ I miss them already. 

It's a mini reunion! With my besties from highschool.

Clockwise : Yours truly with the lovely ladies Aira, Hanie and Zara/ with my primary-high school besties!/ LiliChan & Thaqif boy wearing the same color code.oh-so-cute!/ Thaqif refused to be carried by uncle Imal. Uncle Imal busuk katenya. LOL.

pretty ladies in the house yo! 

Cousins : Rizq Thaqif; 1 year old/ El-Ghazi; 1 year 6months+

2:30 AM. It's a wrap!

It was a fun party. I hope everyone who came had fun eating and meeting each other. We prepared most of our foods all by ourselves![well my mom did all the cooking part, i cuma tolong potong2 je :p] The main dish was my mom's signature chicken rice. And there was mee goreng mamak, kuey teow goreng, popiah goreng, egg sandwich, creme caramel, puddings for the side dish. And some yummy macarons, mini pavlova and cream puffs for the desserts. Supposedly we wanna serve home made curry puffs and some cucur udang, but my sis in law said it's too much already. So enough is enough. But i feel so rugi tak dapat bagi orang rasa my mom's delicious curry puffs. Homecooked with love = ZE BEST! Penat tapi berbaloi bagi tetamu makan sedap-sedap dengan hati yang ikhlas. If it wasn't for my mom, tak buat rasenya birthday thaqif ni. hihi..

Thank you to those who came. If Thaqif could talk, i think he's overwhelmed with all the love and thoughts that he's been showered with. :')  BIG BIG thanks!

p/s : we received loads of good responds on the popiah, cream puffs and my DIY party favors. some even request that we should do frozen popiah business. we would love to, but we need to do some major thinking first. agak susah sikit nak manage masa sebab Thaqif is a clingy baby. tapi niat dan plan tu memang dah ade. for DIY party favors i boleh lah buat kalau order kurang dari 500. Hehe..kalau banyak2 tu i tak larat. Tak cukup kakitangan. For the cream puffs my baby sis ordered from her colleague. Kalau nak insyaAllah saya boleh tolong orderkan.

Okaylah Thaqif nangis mintak i angkat sebab nak tido sebelah mama and papa lah pulak. it's 1.14am btw, :P.

Till then....


May 24, 2012

Justa Quick Update

I did my very best to protect him...

...but accidents happen. Poor my lil einstein. He's a strong boy. I was panic when the accident happened. Byut he only cried just for a few seconds. Then back to his normal routines. Play, run and making people laugh. the wound is getting dry today. Alhamdulillah..

til then...


May 17, 2012

Gangster Squad


Crazy Stupid Love
Blue Valentines

Buenos noches!

Till then..



Assalamualaikum lovelies! 
Hehe...sorry for being silent lately. Been busy and MALAS to update. When you a have a bigger commitment (which is my my son) you tend to neglect every other stuff. So much happened in the past week. I will update it one by one (in God's will)

1. My Lil Einstein turning ONE last week. Alhamdulillah the party went smooth and well.
2. First trip to the Zoo!
3. Post Mother's Day breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4. Massage and shop but not drop day out with Fuzz and Qif.

As i'm writing this entry, it's 12.54AM. My dearly beloved son is safe with his grandparents. RIGHT, he is having slumber party with Tok & Atok! Sucha big boy now. Dah pandai manja with them already. Lega. Dulu selalu nangis je kalau Tok nak dukung. Sekarang kalau Tok datang rumah je, tak sempat Tok nak masuk Qif dah tak saba nak suruh Tok dukung. :')  So tonight is the first night ever after ONE YEAR i will be sleeping without Thaqif. RINDUU!!! But its for our own good. I'm having a severe shoulder and back pain. Pergerakan agak terbatas. Nak carry Thaqif pon susah. Nasib baiklah Thaqif dah boleh mesra dengan my parents.  That's why i agree to let him having a sleepover. Hehe. Hopefully by this Saturday dah okay! We're going to get Thaqif on Saturday. In the mean time i am going to seize the moment! If you know what i mean... Hehe..

a sneek peak to My Lil Einstein Is One!

Till then,


May 5, 2012

As for today

K was working(from home) for the first half of the day. So i cooked simple lunch for the 3 of us. Simple tapi sedap!!! And then later in the evening K terbau orang sebelah masak. Memang sedap bau dia. Orang Afrika masak memang mengancam lah bau dia. Drooling! Dan-dan tu jugak K ajak pegi dinner kat luar, nak makan western katenya. So off we went to ioi Mall where our favourite ribs are serves with the right way. Just how we like it!

our simple yet satisfying lunch.

(Before the dinner)Thaqif was really amazed by the height of the mannequin. I think he wishes to be as tall as the mannequin when he grow up.

Books and balls.. Pantang nampak. Bila dah dapat tak nak lepas. 

Tennessee Glazed Ribs. Our all time favourite!

Macam jin makan, tinggal ini je.

Till then...


It's Been A While

Met my cousin and my best buddy last 2 weeks. It's been a while we haven't catch up with each other. Since my cousin came back from umrah last February, this is our first meet up. Kalau tak dulu every weekend mesti akan jumpa and chill out.

Meet up at our usual place, Coffee Bean Ampang Point.

Peppy boy (El-Ghazi) showing off his favourite Billy Bob pacifier

Only 3 of them je. Thaqif dah off to his la-la-land. It was 1230am when i took this photo.

my tomato love and me

hehe, thaqif being himself.

berebut bantal busuk! Bantal busuk tu tak boleh tinggal. Lepak coffee bean pon bawak. LOL.

Had a great time catching up with them. 

Til then..


When We Had Nothin' Better To Do

Last 2 weeks punya cerita. Went to Bukit Tinggi. Thaqif's grandma was so excited to bring him to play with rabbits. Heheh..

Before we went off to Bukit Tinggi

I can't decide which one to wear. I chose the red one finally.

Thaqif with Daddy Chu

Distracted by the owl pendant

Fuzz being a lil kiddo again

imej kami tercalar!

Thaqif was excited meeting Bonita. Sucha a pretty horse!

The Japanese tea garden

It's all about Thaqif

Bajet tourist. Rindu nak jadi tourist lagi sebenarnya. Hopefully soon.

Manja boy with his mommy

Bored, waiting for his mama and mommy camwhoring.                           

Intan payung dan cinta mati

All these pictures are from my Instagram gallery taken using my Note. Tapi gambar-gambar dengan rabbits, horses and so many other fun stuff semua kat dalam my G11. Malas nak transfer. So ini je yang ade. Jadi lah kan? 

Till then...