May 5, 2012

When We Had Nothin' Better To Do

Last 2 weeks punya cerita. Went to Bukit Tinggi. Thaqif's grandma was so excited to bring him to play with rabbits. Heheh..

Before we went off to Bukit Tinggi

I can't decide which one to wear. I chose the red one finally.

Thaqif with Daddy Chu

Distracted by the owl pendant

Fuzz being a lil kiddo again

imej kami tercalar!

Thaqif was excited meeting Bonita. Sucha a pretty horse!

The Japanese tea garden

It's all about Thaqif

Bajet tourist. Rindu nak jadi tourist lagi sebenarnya. Hopefully soon.

Manja boy with his mommy

Bored, waiting for his mama and mommy camwhoring.                           

Intan payung dan cinta mati

All these pictures are from my Instagram gallery taken using my Note. Tapi gambar-gambar dengan rabbits, horses and so many other fun stuff semua kat dalam my G11. Malas nak transfer. So ini je yang ade. Jadi lah kan? 

Till then...


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