November 29, 2012

I get to meet my cheeky Al!

Finally after nearly 7 months! Last i saw him masa Thaqif's first birthday party. Itupun tak dapat nak main dengan Al sangat sebab im way too busy, host lah katekan. So last week, dengan tak disangka-sangka, i get to meet him. Yayyy-ers! Tapi tak berapa puas, sebab kejap sangat. Kene repeat lagi sekali. Next time kalau boleh nak Mia and Lili join sekali.

Thaqif buat free show. 

Non-stop moving! They're their very own signature happy dance! I swear AlFarrel's wiggle dance is the cutest! But unfortunately i tak sempat record. Haishhh....

Okay, time for something serious pulak. Life kene balance bro.

AlFarrel risau takut Bonda tinggalkan dia. Chill Al, Bonda nak tolong snap pic kita je.

The pregnant momsies! I'm at 29week and Putri at 12 week+/-. 

Til then...


November 9, 2012

Nothing Much

Salam Friday lovelies!

Just the 3 of us. Having a little quality time together, away from home. (not-so-quality lah, because K is always with his emails and work stuff. hehe)

Thaqif with his current favourite book now. Animal Tales. Atok yang belikan. Buku ni takleh tinggal. He can sit at one place for 30 mins the longest with this book. Especially masa dalam kereta.

see?? momma don't lie. but the man gotta what a man gotta do, right? kalau tak macam mana nak bagi anak dan isteri makan. ye tak?

Thaqif's best buddies. Always there whenever he needs 'em. Taro and Max.

Tak sabar. He literally shouting out loud "Wow weeeeeeeee, woww weeeeeeeee" and "Yeayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" that explained why his hand was up in the air. (kesian, kat rumah takde bath tub)

Bubble bath time with Taro and Max. No rubber ducky, because we think it's too sissy for boys. Lol.

Father and son bonding time. 

Checking out himself in the mirror after bath.

Went for a boat ride. Tapi Thaqif penakut. Peluk Papa je all the way.Bagus jugak, behave sikit. Boleh lah bawak pegi Perhentian/ Redang camni.

Going out for dinner.

Sebelum kene buli macam ni, he was messing around the room and being naughty and jumping on the bed. Seriau takut jatuh. Dah bagitau banyak kali 'No, don't do it again' masih buat jugak pastu dia marah kita balik. Sekali kene tangkap ngan Papa, pastu kene cium bertubi2 tanpa belas kasihan sampai nangis. Lepas nangis, duduk lah diam sekejap. Lepas tu buat balik. Tak makan saman. Lol. 

Look how he conquered the space. Geram tau! Tak senang Mama nak tido. Dahlah perut semakin membesar.  :(

Simple breakfast. Because the boys were still snoring. 

That's all for now. Have great weekend ahead y'all! And be safe, always.

Till then...


November 1, 2012

'New Adventure'

Salam Friday Barbies and Kents! It's been 2 weeks right? I've been meaning to update like everyday, tapi Thaqif tidak mengizinkan. He wants me to layan and play with him all the time! -_-" Tak bagi chance langsung tau. I'm now blogging from a hotel room. We're having a very little-micro-mini-getaway, just the 3+1 of us. Tapi tak jauh mana pun, area KL jugak. Jadilah kan... 

I wanna update a little bit of our 'new adventure' progress. Alhamdulillah, a smooth sailing so far. Photos below are from an ongoing project in Ipoh. It's a semi-d house. Lovely house indeed. The owner wanted a modern makeover for the whole part of the house. It will be completed by end of this year, InsyaAllah.

infine Design
The TV cabinet

infine Design

infine Design
The living halls

infine Design
The kitchen and dining hall

infine Design

infine Design
The master bedroom

I will update more regarding our 'new adventure' insyaAllah kalau masa dan Thaqif megizinkan. Hehehe..
You can contact us if you're interested to do built-in-wardrobe, kitchen, TV cabinet and etc. Jangan takut dengan harga. Our price so far is the best in Malaysia. Ecececece... but this is true story. Tak tipu. Why pay more for a same thing, same quality when you can get it at a lesser price, right? Unless if you are filthy rich like Sultan Brunei. ;)

Till then....


Contact us at : (012.677.5452)