November 1, 2012

'New Adventure'

Salam Friday Barbies and Kents! It's been 2 weeks right? I've been meaning to update like everyday, tapi Thaqif tidak mengizinkan. He wants me to layan and play with him all the time! -_-" Tak bagi chance langsung tau. I'm now blogging from a hotel room. We're having a very little-micro-mini-getaway, just the 3+1 of us. Tapi tak jauh mana pun, area KL jugak. Jadilah kan... 

I wanna update a little bit of our 'new adventure' progress. Alhamdulillah, a smooth sailing so far. Photos below are from an ongoing project in Ipoh. It's a semi-d house. Lovely house indeed. The owner wanted a modern makeover for the whole part of the house. It will be completed by end of this year, InsyaAllah.

infine Design
The TV cabinet

infine Design

infine Design
The living halls

infine Design
The kitchen and dining hall

infine Design

infine Design
The master bedroom

I will update more regarding our 'new adventure' insyaAllah kalau masa dan Thaqif megizinkan. Hehehe..
You can contact us if you're interested to do built-in-wardrobe, kitchen, TV cabinet and etc. Jangan takut dengan harga. Our price so far is the best in Malaysia. Ecececece... but this is true story. Tak tipu. Why pay more for a same thing, same quality when you can get it at a lesser price, right? Unless if you are filthy rich like Sultan Brunei. ;)

Till then....


Contact us at : (012.677.5452)

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