May 5, 2012

As for today

K was working(from home) for the first half of the day. So i cooked simple lunch for the 3 of us. Simple tapi sedap!!! And then later in the evening K terbau orang sebelah masak. Memang sedap bau dia. Orang Afrika masak memang mengancam lah bau dia. Drooling! Dan-dan tu jugak K ajak pegi dinner kat luar, nak makan western katenya. So off we went to ioi Mall where our favourite ribs are serves with the right way. Just how we like it!

our simple yet satisfying lunch.

(Before the dinner)Thaqif was really amazed by the height of the mannequin. I think he wishes to be as tall as the mannequin when he grow up.

Books and balls.. Pantang nampak. Bila dah dapat tak nak lepas. 

Tennessee Glazed Ribs. Our all time favourite!

Macam jin makan, tinggal ini je.

Till then...


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