May 17, 2012


Assalamualaikum lovelies! 
Hehe...sorry for being silent lately. Been busy and MALAS to update. When you a have a bigger commitment (which is my my son) you tend to neglect every other stuff. So much happened in the past week. I will update it one by one (in God's will)

1. My Lil Einstein turning ONE last week. Alhamdulillah the party went smooth and well.
2. First trip to the Zoo!
3. Post Mother's Day breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4. Massage and shop but not drop day out with Fuzz and Qif.

As i'm writing this entry, it's 12.54AM. My dearly beloved son is safe with his grandparents. RIGHT, he is having slumber party with Tok & Atok! Sucha big boy now. Dah pandai manja with them already. Lega. Dulu selalu nangis je kalau Tok nak dukung. Sekarang kalau Tok datang rumah je, tak sempat Tok nak masuk Qif dah tak saba nak suruh Tok dukung. :')  So tonight is the first night ever after ONE YEAR i will be sleeping without Thaqif. RINDUU!!! But its for our own good. I'm having a severe shoulder and back pain. Pergerakan agak terbatas. Nak carry Thaqif pon susah. Nasib baiklah Thaqif dah boleh mesra dengan my parents.  That's why i agree to let him having a sleepover. Hehe. Hopefully by this Saturday dah okay! We're going to get Thaqif on Saturday. In the mean time i am going to seize the moment! If you know what i mean... Hehe..

a sneek peak to My Lil Einstein Is One!

Till then,



  1. okay. dalam minggu ni jugak akan update. but i warn ya, nothin' fancy. :)


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