May 29, 2012

Selekeh Nite Out

Assalamualaikum lovelies!
How was your day so far? I can say mine is productive so far. I manage to cooked lunch and dinner, hihi. *imma happy woman*

The simple yet sedap [puji masakan sendiri :p] lunch i made for K before he off to work. It's chicken sausage & cheese paratha. Macam Hot&Roll punya tu.

Thaqif is being super duper clingy with me. Nak move around the house pun susah. Kalau i bergerak je mesti dia akan ikut sambil menangis2 suruh dukung and bawak dia sekali. Padahal nak pegi dapur minum air je pun. Hehe..I thought bila dah masuk umur setahun Thaqif bolehlah independent sikit. Rupenya tak. Tapi kalau kat rumah Tok dia pandai pulak main sendiri. Banyak akal sungguh. So much about Thaqif i wanna update. Tapi tak cukup masa. Masa terhad. Lol. About his behavior, his vocabssss [many sssss sebab vocab Thaqif dah banyak],his video etc. I think i wanna put his videos on Youtube lah. I forgot that i have a Youtube account. Apa salahnya share video tu kat Youtube kan. Pastu nbanti korang boleh lah tengok kat Youtube, kalau korang rindu Thaqif.. :P

So anyways, these are some photos of us taken last week while we were out for dinner. I call it a 'selekeh fun nite-out' because the 4 of us were very the selekeh one. Because actually we only planned to have lunch in Puchong. Then suddenly my baby sis wanted to cut her and do some treatment. So lame lah nak kene tunggu. Tapi worth it menuggu, sebab lepas tu she belanja us dinner!! Berbaloi. Thanks fuzz! 

Aglio Olio. Tak sedap.

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich. Sedap! And we also had Hotdog with onions and chips, masyaAllah sangat sedap sampai tak sempat snap the picture. hihi..

The Last Polka: Nutella for dessert. Sedap of course..

The selekeh sisters. [in fact,we always selekeh lah, not only for that nite]

So yeah, that's some updates for ya. I'm waiting for K to come back from his futsal game. Starving already! Can't wait to eat my ayam goreng and bendi goreng sambal pecah telur with nasi putih panas, letak kicap sikit! Yummmms!!

till then...


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