June 17, 2012

When Your Baby Toddler Is A Huge Fan Of Rice

I made pasta for Thaqif's lunch last Friday. Because i was carving for one.

I like it. it's nice although its a bit boring because i forgot to buy mushroom and i didn't put any black pepper innit..

And this is my cheese and broccoli pasta

Thaqif : Eeeeuwww....what's this Ma? Where's my rice? R-I-C-E..rice.

Seriously he is a huge fan of rice. He cud finish 5-6 full table spoons of rice per meal. He eats 2-4 times a day. (Depends on my mood) LOL.

Like mother like son. I cud not live a day without rice. ( i cud but i'd die.) i was on a rice diet for like nearly 3 weeks. Imagine that. Seksa! 

til then...


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