June 13, 2012

Of Delivery Job & Chillin' And Father's Day Dinner

My besties from high school ordered some popiah and curry puffs from us. (thank you so much!)
We then hung out and chillin and pot pet and chamwhoring somewhere in KL. Bid farewell around 5 or 6o'clock. Then off we went to celebrate Father's Day in advanced. Because on the 16th K have to work. Second weekend of the months are always the busiest for K. So we decided to celebrate it earlier. 

2 moms and a wifey. Look how colorful our clothes are. <3


Thaqif and Mia bonding sesh. Hehe..

Thaqif suap papa sambil cakap Happy Father's Day Pa!

With my bestfriend in the whole wide world/ baby sis. Tapi kita suka gadoh. Itu memang hobi.Kalau tak gaduh sehari rasa kosong. LOL

K missing in action. I thought he went to the loo this time, rupanya he went downstairs to the cashier. So this picture is not purr-fect.

That's some summary updates from last weekend. 
To my dad :
 You've been a great dad, Abah eventhough we never in the same page. LOL. 

To my husband, the father of my child :
You are doing great as father to our babyboy, sayang. Thaqif always will look up to you as a great dad! Keep it up!xoxo.

(being a father is not an easy job.its as tough as mothers too. that's why we have to team-up!)

Till then...


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