October 28, 2011

My Baby Brother Is The naked Chef!

Kinda late to post this entry actually. But I still wanna do it. Because by blogging I can remember what event happens around the year. I tend to be forgetful all the time. And some time I even think I have a short term memory syndrome you know. Seriously it scares me to death. So my blog is kinda like my notebook/diary that hold every of my important events! Tapi banyak jugak event yang penting-penting contohnya my wedding, my honeymoon, I tak post kat sini. Sebab it was in my previous blog. And that blog dah expired. Too bad! Sigh~

Back to my baby brother’s convocation day. It happened last Saturday at Putrajaya International
Convention Centre (PICC). My parents slept over at our house for 2 nights. [Best!] Bukan senang nak pujuk both of them especially my dad.

We went there a bit late because my baby brother insist us to come around 12.30. No point of waiting him there since morning according to him. My parents didn’t get to see him receiving the scroll tho. But yeah, who cares, as long as you pass and finish your study pon dah cukup bersyukur dah. [we are so proud of you baby brother!]

Nothing much that day, we came to see him and camwhoring. We didn’t buy him flowers bouquet pon, but then suddenly his girlfriend sampai bawak a bouquet of red roses! [Auuwwww~] 

Later on my baby sister and I treated the whole family for lunch at The Gardens, Alamanda. Banyak lalat kat situ. Rimas tau. Tempat cantik tapi banyak lalat pulok!

Here are some of pictures of us during the convocation.

p.s : Esok [Sabtu], my baby sister punya konvokesyen pulak.


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