October 12, 2011

Cousins Galore!

- i forgot to put up subtitle :P -

Last weekend was very hectic and fun for us. Saturday went crazy at the BBW Book Sale, on Sunday went crazy with the cousins. I have like only 11 cousins from my dad’s side. 9 of us are all 20 years old and above. The other 2 are still in the primary school. It’s not easy for the 9 of us to gather all together. Maybe once in a 2 years. Because some is studying abroad, some is busy with work and stuff and etc. The last reunion we had was August 2008. So last Sunday, we did it again. It was impromptu though. Everyone was there except for my baby brother because he already had his own plan.

All have grown up. And the family is growing. 2 married with kids, 2 recently just got married,1 engaged, 2 in a relationship and 1 single. I think the actual reason  for the reunion is to celebrate the my newlywed cousin Mira who just got back from Cuba for good after 6 long years! Man, I didn’t know how she survived there for 6 years. Restecpa! In fact she is the first Malaysian student who got scholarship from the Government of Cuba. Imagine that! Her Cuba experiences are very interesting.It got us all uuuuuuuuu-aaaaaaaaaaa-uuuuuuuuuu-aaaaaaaaaa all day and all night . Life in Cuba was really hard she said. No water from the tap, some houses have no doors, no beef, foods are limited, salaries are very low. You wanna guess how much is the salary there ?

Average salary USD25! Even doctors only earn USD25 per month. Can u imagine?? USD25 only!! Salaries are very low but foods and stuff are expensive. Hidup kat sana memang susah. Her husband even said, Malaysians should be grateful to have all the facilities and freedom. Malaysians should stop complaining about this and that. Try to live in Cuba for a month, you'll see how blessed you are. We’re all so proud of her because she can survive all by herself in Cuba for effing 6 years man! 6 years!! She said she had to because she wanted to finish what she started. She studied Humanities, all in Spanish. She master her Spanish [reading,writing,speaking] just in 1 year! *pengsan* she’s too awesome lah! Everyone is learning Spanish now. Finally i can continue my Spanish lesson. :) Thaqif is also going to learn Spanish when he knows how to read. InsyaAllah.

Look how manja he is with Aunty Jaz. One more month to go to finish her chambering.

With Uncle Faizal and Mommy Fuzy

Serious money-making talk

Uncle Faizal : Thaqif, you wanna follow me to offshore. You can see loads of fishy2
Thaqif : No Uncle Zal, I don't want to. Now let me go..

Bonding session with Aunty Mira and Jaz

Bonding session with Uncle Yoyi and Aunty Mira.They'll make pretty babies!

Uncle Faizal : So how Thaqif? Have you make up your mind?
Thaqif : I don't wanna go offshore. Period. Now please Uncle Zal, put me down.

Rizq Thaqif and El-Ghazi. The only babies for now. Hehe.

K with Yoyi!

Thaqif : I will miss you Uncle Zal. Sorry I can't go offshore with you. Mama will cry if I'm away.
Uncle Faizal : *hug*

Yoyi & Mira

Hafizul & Ila. Congrats on your Masters graduation Ila!

Lil Einstein, Fuzy & me

sempat ber'mothercare' kejap

Uncle Faizal : Thaqif, how do u like my beard? Soft enough?
Thaqif : Errrrr........

This Fridays Sundae was damn delicioso!!!

I was the first who got married. Time tu semua macam terkejut, why so soon? But now, everyone is getting married! Yayyyness! More babies to come!! More nieces and nephews!! <3

p.s : Not in the picture is my baby brother Ameer. Kalau tak, dah complete dah. 
p.s.s : anyone who knows any jobs opening for translator for drama/series/TV subtitle or books, do let me know. thanks in advance! :)


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