April 10, 2012

When A Workaholic Took A Day Off

Assalamualaikum lovelies!

Yeay!! Finally my baby sis took a day off. [actually because UK was on a public holiday in conjunction with the Easter holiday]. So she decided to take Thaqif and me for lunch at Empire. But we changed the destination [last minute] because I wanted to give Cotton On Kids a quick 'visit'. Hehehe...

Trying on a necklace at Cotton On Kids. And Mommy almost buy it for him! I said...NO NEED!! Mommy always wanna buy everything that Thaqif land his hand on. Sigh...she's spoiling him, I swear! Not good, not good.

Checking out hot girls, while Mama was trying to find where the heck is Delicious Cafe. LOL.

Thaqif is having a hard time choosing his lunch. It seems like everything in the menu is yummy!

Vain moment; Mommy Fuzy and I. Vain tak perlu bayar, bak kata a good friend of mine Putri

Thaqif and his lunch meal. Fish & Chips; which I have to finish it eventually. 

Happy boy is having his lunch

Bomding time with Mommy after a hearty lunch.

He hates camera. He got it from his Papa, obviously. :P

Mommy Fuzy bought him a new pool and he was so excited splashing and moving around the pool. Thanks alot mommeyh! We love you too much, you already know that rite?

So much  going on last weekend. I'm tryna update it one by one depends on my mood. 
[actually if time permit, boo-hoo!]

till then...



  1. yay thaqif lili nak join dalam pool tu !!!

    btw,necklace tu sangat cantik!!!

    1. jom lah join lili!! ajak lah momma datang rumah t-fawa kalau boring2 kat rumah kay? thaqif takde geng.

      cantik kan? fuzy dah nak belikan utk thaqif dah.haha, and i said no need, tak payah nak mengada.i bet u can do it better than that P.

  2. mana ada nak spoiling him...itu bagus tau..so that nanti dia tak de la nangis2 kat kedai nak barang..at least nanti bila dia smpi one point bila suruh dia beli barang dia dah tak tau nak beli apa..okay apa..time tu la duit jimat!! haha..;-p

    btw...lili chan boleh pakai rantai tu..mesti cute!


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