April 18, 2012

The Day Al-Farrel Ridzuan Turns ONE!

Assalamualaikum lovelies.

Last Sunday on April 15th, 2012 we all went to a birthday party.Happy 1st Birthday to you Al!!! I still can't believe you are already 1! The last time i checked, you were in the hospital with your Bonda kene bedung looking a bit red-ish and so tiny but boy you're tall! 

.....this was April 2011

And lookatchu now, big boy already! Tak lama lagi jadi abang pulak ;)

The rainbow birthday cake from Yaya-Cake Walk. Yums!!! 

Say hello to 8months adorable Mia! The last entry bout Mia when she was just 3 months i think.

The mommies and the babies! We're all same age, except for Pp. She's a year younger than us 3. We all still considered as young mommies, right? right?            

It ain't easy to get a picture perfect with all these cutie pies!

Clockwise : Mommy Fuzy with Lili, Me with Thaqif, Bonda with the birthday boy and Pp with Lili the chubbycheeks!

They got carried away with the present. Thaqif yang over.

Yours truly with the cutest and adorable twins i've ever known. This was right before they took off. Lili dah ajak balik. 

And say hello to this 8 months chubbycheeks cutie pie, Lili!!

Lili geram dengan Mommy Fuzy sebab dia tanya banyak soalan sangat. Hahh...amik, kene counter attack.

Now you know dari mana datangnya cuteness gadis-gadis comel ni kan?

K trying his best handling Mia and Thaqif at the same time. Hehe..Boleh bertahan 2 minit je.

Mia's attempt on kissing Thaqif. I didn't get to snap the very cute kissing moment tho. Dang!! I was stunned. Sweet innocent little kiss. Hehe..

Thaqifster the crybaby with Mummy Ya and Bonda. Tak boleh orang lain nak carry kejap.

Daddies having a good time with their little girls.

Last but not least, look at them! Comel gilaaaa and funny. Geram! Thanks Al and Mia, bagi entertainment kat we all. 

Had a great fun time with all the mommies and babies!Thanks to Putri for inviting us.We really should do playdates anytime soon. And i sincerely hope that we will still be in touch sampai anak dah besar-besar pun. 

p.s : Thaqif's birthday is coming real soon. But i am still contemplating about so many stuff. I wanna do a very private and intimate party. Just very close family and very close friends. Tapi Tok Thaqif suruh ajak ramai-ramai. First cucu lah katekan.. We'll see how. Kun (jadilah) fayakun (maka jadilah). InsyaAllah.

Till then...



  1. I sebak tgk gambar yg first tu farra. I remembered so fresh masa you took that picture. You dtg melawat I dgn boyot-boyotnya after work while I muka mcm org meroyan lepas beranak. sememehnya! terharu you dtg. and remember tak you kata u cry bila tahu i dah beranak.. awwwhh! terharu nyaaa!!!! thanks very much farra! you've been the best supporter actually!!! I love you laidat! and thanks for coming to Al-s first bash!!!Love the present! And i hope you and family had the best time like we do!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to spend more time lagi dgn you and all sebenarnya tp bz sgt! hope nnt bday QifQif I nak all outtt!! Can't wait!!! I love you Farra, K, Fuzy and Qif!!! Thankssss!!!!!

  2. suke tengok pic part mia nak kiss thaqif! alaaa comelnyeeee


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