March 10, 2011

The Pregnant Subconscious

I am now : 22 weeks pregnant

So far i'm doing good. Baby is actively kicking inside my womb. Still throwing up every morning and sometimes after meal. Im 500gram heavier from the last check up. Having trouble sleeping. Keep having a weird vivid dreams.

And today i come across an article from Babble. An interesting topic " The Pregnant Subconscious".  More or less help me to understand better why i keep having a weird dreams that felt so real. :)
Let me quote some phrase from the article :

At some point in pregnancy, you will probably start to notice that your dreams are getting weird. You may in fact be dreaming more or you may just be remembering more of your dreams than usual. Changes in your sleep cycle are the cause, but many people think the vivid dreams of pregnancy serve a very important purpose. As your body grows and changes, your dreams help your mind expand as well, preparing for the experience of parenthood......
.........Don't be surprised if your dreams are surprisingly sexually explicit. Hormones and increased blood flow can inspire your subconscious to go down some interesting roads. Some women even have orgasmic dreams during pregnancy."

Read more here.
Hari tu i ade mimpi pegi holiday ngn Mr.K and some other friends kat China, pastu siap pegi Hong Kong Disneyland sume siap pakai baju winter lagi. LOL! Rase macam betul je. Pastu ade jugak mimpi yang i've been seduced by a woman to get me in bed. Yang paling tak boleh tahan, THE woman is Kimora Lee Simmons. LOL! sumpah kelakar. I bangun2 tido terus pening kepala satu hari tu. Pelik betul, dalam byk2 org si Kimora tu plak muncul dlm mimpi. Bile cite kat Mr.K, mula2 die mcm sentap kejap. cute, padahal dlm mimpi je kot ngn pompuan plak tu. Bagilah Ryan Gosling ke, Johnny Depp ke.. kan?LOL! Just kiddin, just kiddin'. Pelik2 je mimpi ni. Byk jugak mimpi2 lain tapi dah tak berapa nak ingat. I jarang mimpi, but semenjak pregnant selalu plak mimpi. And now bile dah bace article ni, i understand why. Tapi tak tau ape maksudnya. Ape2 yang tak baik tu mintak2 lah dijauhkan. Nauzubillah. After all dream is justa dream. Mainan tidur kan, kan?

Till then..


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