March 10, 2011

When I'm Too Hungry,Too Sleepy And Too Tired At The Same Time

I made brownies! For the first time in my life! The very first attempt. Well, it's an instant one but for me it still count!

I'm using the Betty Crocker (with Hershey's chocolate and Walnut).  U can find it in Tesco or any supermarket in KL. It's only Rm17.90.

It is really REALLY easy. Even the first timer like me also can do. I think 8 years old kid also can do. Seriously. Can't wait to back together-gether with my son soon. Hehe..
Just add in 3 table spoon of water, but i added 5 table spoon of water. 2 eggs and half cup of vegetable oil. Then  you just have fun mixing it. It is that simple!

Pour the mixture into the non-stick pan. (i use 8x8 square non-stick pan). Preheat your oven at 162 degree celcius for like 10 mins.

Set the time to 50mins with 162 degree celcius and then wait...

After 50 mins... Voilla! It's done and ready to be eaten!

I would say this Betty Crocker Brownies is marvelous! It's chewy, the texture is just right! Love it! Next time i'm going to try the triple chocolate chunky. Have anyone of you tried the Pillsbury one? I wonder whether is taste as good as Betty Crocker one. It's worth trying!  :)

p/s : Mr.K dig it! I'm a happy wifey! *wink* I'mma tryna make pizza soon. Stay tuned. Hehe..


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