March 10, 2011

the little peanut in me

assalamualykum my dearest son,
i hope you’re doin well in my tummy.[i am your biological mother by the way if you must know]. you just kicked me 2 seconds ago.oh boy, you’re sucha kicker.your kicks make me smile everytime.i know it’s not comfy enough for you as the space becoming more narrow now for you to sommer-saulting yourself because you are growing healthily.but don’t you worry sayang, in another 11 weeks you are going to be discharged from my tummy to see the real world, meeting me and my husband which is your ‘papa’, your grandma and grandpa, your uncles and aunties. everyone is just excited to meet you in person you know?

oh now you just making some moves.maybe you are trying to adjust your position or are you hungry? sorry i just had tea and some yuckie cookies for breakfast today. no choice. Me and your papa were rushing this morning to get to work, so i didn’t have the chance to make/buy anything for breakfast. i will have my lunch in another 30 minutes time. try to be patient or try to play with your fingers to kill time. try to count from 1 to 10. oooops i forgot, i haven’t teach you how to count from 1 to 10 yet, my bad. just ignore it keep playing with your fingers or maybe your feet.

there’s a lot of things i wanna tell you right now. like how at first i thought you were a girl but i guess my instinct is totally erroneous and not that strong. but yeah, boy or girl i am still excited! your papa is even more happier. he has many plans for you, one of it is to send you to some tennis class or maybe squash or golf. and me, i would love to see if you can cook well like the kids in the Junior Masterchef Australia. they’re wicked i tell you. me, grandma and paksu will teach and guide you with all the basic and i hope you will have the interest and eager to experiment and explore into the culinary world. and i also would love to see you play the piano,drums or guitar as you sing. or maybe you can play a song and we’ll sing. your mama and papa love to sing! but after all if you don’t like it all, we won’t force you to do it. we will let you do whatever you want in life as long as it is not something that against our religion. i know by then you are wise enough to think what’s good and what’s not.we trust you.

we will try our best to give you the best education plan you to prepare for the future. i don’t mind if you studied to be a doctor or a marine biologist but end up u wanna be a rapper/emcee but, you have to finish your study first no matter what. no excuse for that. don’t do it like half way, and jump into another thing. when you do something, you have to finish it and be magnificent and don’t ever give up. “we can’t change the world unless we change ourselves”. get it? i quote this from the movie Notorious. i will let you watch this movie after you turn 18 ayte?

i hope you inherited your papa’s creative and critical thinking especially in mathematics because i am hopeless in maths like seriously, ha-ha!

there’s so many things i wanna tell you right now. i’ll save some for another letter. i know you are sleepy by now. so i’m gonna go and let you sleep. i’ll see you later good. muah!

Hugs & Kisses,

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