December 31, 2011

2012 birthday wishlist

i know i should focus on K's birthday because his birthday is just around the corner instead of doing my own simple wishlist for my 26th birthday next year. but, this is my blog, i can do whatever i want.  :P  

seriously i don't know what to get him for this year. Seems like he really can't wait to get his hand on iPhone4s but, I wanna get him Macbook Pro, but i have to find a way to make it happen (a part time job so i could top up whatever i have now). Last year i remember i gave him the 42" LCD tv to put in his home workstation. Tahun ni i'm a bit clueless. kalau i tanya K mesti dia akan kate camni "ala, takpelah sayang. bende yang ayang ni sayang takkan mampu punye nak beli". Kalau dia dah cakap macam tu, i know what it is. Antara Superbike atau Range Rover Evoque. LOL! Memang tak mampu lah sekarang ni, jual segala bulu dan rambut pun belum tentu mampu. :))

okay so, back to my simple wishlist :

- easel stand and a few canvas (kalau dapat ni memang hati berbunga-bunga lah jawabnya.) checked!
-Polaroid camera
- a good looking and practical handbag for me to dump all my essentials and Thaqifs' - saw one Stella McCartney for Adidas, sumpah cantik and practical, but still in consideration sebab they only carry black color. i don't want black!
-a brand new Aigner watch (or GC or CK)
- RM1000 shopping spree
- Laura Mercier make-up set for me to try to at least look good everyday,even though i know it's impossible because i'm hopeless in make-up. ( i might buy this as a gift to myself, insyaAllah kalau tak berubah fikiran)
-a pair of 8 kg purple dumbell for my flabby arms   checked! 
-a treadmill for me to sweat 
-a very vintage/victorian style dresser for me to make-up, lol!
-a very classy little black dress for me to wear on our 3rd anniversary dinner.
-a very stylish blazer. not the cheap one. the expensive one for long term investment :)
-Pandora or Thomas Sabo charm bracelets.-tak jadi change to white gold or diamond earings. checked!
-OFF DAY every Sunday! Boleh macam ni?
-Nak pegi Kulai. Hehehe :P

Enough for now, i shall continue this list later. I need to get my beauty sleep now. Till then, buenos noches everyone! 

p/s: hopefully Santa reads my wishlist, if i'm lucky i might get some for Christmas! :) (now where's that shooting stars?)


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