December 31, 2011

Happy Birthday My Love, My Soulmate!

Happy Birthday to you my love, my soulmate, my baby daddy!
Thaqif and I love you like crazy like the Japanese go crazy on technologies, like fat kids go crazy on ice cream and junk/fast foods, like you go crazy everytime you heard rumors that Apple will come out with their new gadget. Tee-hee!

You know how seriously i'm dying to give you this powerful machine kan? :p . Tapi apakan daya, duit mencemburui kita.

So i can only give you this for now. 

I hope you happy with this. The least i can do.

Some of the pictures on K's birthday dinner. Patutnya saya belanja. Sekali K buat surprise. Dia kata "takpe it's my treat." 

hobi thaqif.

birthday boy and i

manager dia baik. nak tolong babysit thaqif while we having our dinner. tapi thaqif is being thaqif as usual. he-he-he. thanks thaqif for being super cranky and clingy on your dad's birthday. we love you still. muahh!

p.s : Dah tak payah pening-pening fikir nak pilih Note or 4S okay? Save the MacBook Pro for next year lah. Kalau bulu naik harga macam getah, dapat lah Fara belikan untuk sayang. ;P 


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