August 16, 2011

The Holy Month

Since my maternity leave end in August which falls on fasting month, this is my first ever experience being a working mother and fasting. It’s a bit challenging for me because after work, I need to cook meal for iftar and also for sahur. I still remember vividly our first time fasting together as a married couple. I don’t usually do sahur, if I ever did, I will eat at 12pm or 1am during my single and ready to mingle time (ha-ha). But K, he MUST have his sahur or he will be so weak by 2pm. So it’s a culture shock for me. I was very lazy to get up at 430am to prepare sahur for him and sometimes I get angry and even asked myself why do I sign up for this? But year after year I try to improve. (ceh padahal baru 2 tahun kawin). This year, Alhamdullilah I think I improve a bit lah. When I’ m still on my maternity leave I have no problem at all, cooking iftar and sahur for my family  because I know I can continue my nap in the morning when my baby is sleepin. But after I start working, I find it a bit hard to get up 430 in the morning, very stressfull. Knowing that I have to get ready for work afterward, with no proper sleep, exhausted! Yesterday was my first day at work. I tell you, rasa macam nak patah pinggang, memang langsung tak bangun sahur. I only prepare white rice je untuk K sahur pagi tadi. Yang lain tu pandai2 lah panaskan lauk sendiri. Huhu…seriously too tired! Kalau tak keje takpe, tak jadi hal sangat. So nak benti ke tak ni? :P

P/s : I miss this cheeky boy lah!


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