August 16, 2011

Don't Grow Up Too Fast!

3 Months!

Time does fly. In the blink of an eye, Thaqif is already 3 months. But for his mother, the one that have to do all the dirty job, it’s certainly not in the blink of an eye lah….haha. But it’s worth it. He was born  2.8KG now he might be 6KG already. It’s not an easy job, I admit. But I really enjoy every bit of it. I will forget about EVERYTHING when I see him smiling and laughing and mumbling. That’s one of the best part of being a mom.  It’s not always rainbow and butterflies, it does rain and thunder but once the rainbow came out you’ll be smiling. Thaqif is not an easy baby. But according to the book I read, he’s analyze as a ‘textbook baby’. Which means every progress on him is growing accordingly like a normal baby. Since in my confinement days, he’s been a sleep fighter and a light sleeper. He will not sleep if no one ‘dodoi’ him. He will cry like someone is beating him up if he’s sleepy and no one ‘dodoi’. He taught us a lot of things to make us to understand him better. For example, if he hungry, he will cry with the sound of ‘neh’ (Dunstan baby language does help as well). If he wanted to burp, he will cry with sound of ‘earh’ or cry out loud for no reason while lying down. If he wanted to sleep he will mumble and mumble and mumble and if we didn’t ‘dodoi’ him he’ll cry out loud and scream like nobody business. The ‘dodoi’ is not the normal ‘dodoi’ which u put your baby down in the crib or lying next to you and sing him lullaby or pat his bum bum. NO! He taught us his way of ‘dodoi’. We have to stand up, carry him and bend our knees up and down. We named it 'Kuda-kuda' style. And he knows when you did it wrong. Amazing! That is the only way to put him to sleep for the past 3 months. And once he fell asleep, we can’t simply put him down on his crib. We’ve tried so many times but he will automatically open up his beautiful black eyes. We felt like it’s a waste of energy put him to sleep and then once we putting him down, he woke up in a bit. So we decided to let him sleep on our chest. That’s the only way. He can sleep for 2-3 hours on our chest. 

Apa-apa lah Thaqif boy, as long as you you like crazy lah! :) 


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