April 13, 2011

Aladdin Chinese Muslim Restaurant

As usual, everyday we have a problem making decision on what to eat for dinner, since i'm not cooking anymore nowadays. A bit hard for me to move fast as i was before around the kitchen. But once in a while i will try my best to cook, but i'm too slow now to even walk from the sink to fridge. 

So last night, since both of us have no idea on what to eat i suddenly think of begedel and paru goreng from Sari Ratu. I love their begedel, that's the only reason i keep on coming there. But K don't know what to eat at Sari Ratu. I try not to be selfish, so i let him choose. He suggested Ayam Penyet, but i don't feel like eating Ayam Penyet last night. And the list goes on. Being a very lovely husband he brought me to Sari Ratu in Kelana Jaya (the nicest branch according to him compared to Bandar Puteri or Subang or Ampang). Unfortunately for me, the begedel was all finish! Urrghhh...How come?? Stress betul mak tau.. 

So off we went to find another place for dinner. It was 9.30PM already that time. And I am starving+ frustrate. As we drove pass the Sari Ratu suddenly we saw a restaurant called Aladdin, Chinese Muslim Restaurant. Because i was starving and both of us were very sleepy, so we decided to give it a try and hopefully it's not closing yet. Luckily their business hour is from 11am - 10.30pm. As we reached inside the restaurant, there were only  2 customers plus us. So you can imagine how quiet it is with Celion Dion song as the background music accompanied us. We chose the non-smoking section. The decoration is nice, there's a chinese set round table for like 10 people and also the normal table with marble top. We don't know what to order because there's too many choices. We just ordered 2 dishes, dried butter chicken and garlic khailan with lychee and ice water for the drinks. Once the foods arrived i quickly took picture of it, and suddenly the waitress came to us and said "sorry miss, no photos of our food and drink". I was like wth?? like i'm stealing your recipe through the photos, idiot! But i manage to take a couple of photos though. We paid for the food okay? The food was not nice. I mean i can cook way better than that. Even the khailan, i think kedai awe kelate masak lagi sedap lah weh! Seriously spoil our mood. K already started making faces. And i tried to cover my face expression cuz i dun wanna be rude. 

At 10pm, as we eat  the waitress ask us whether we want to add-on any dish, and we politely said, "no thanks, all set". Dan-dan tu jugak semua pekerja macam kelam kabut kemas kedai, angkat segala utensil,sapu sampah, tutup pintu kedai, bising-bising habis. Nak makan pon tak senang. They wrote outside the door business hour til 1030pm, but that time only 10pm. How rude! It's like they want to halau us. I feel very angry! Seriously they need to learn some courtesy. But i keep eating slowly like nothing happen around me.

These is what we ordered.Garlic Khailan + Dried Butter Chicken. RM50.00. And the food tasted like ****. Kalau sedap takpe jugak, puas hati. Ini jauh panggang dari api.

That's it. The first and the last lah we're going there. No wonder no one ever recommend us to eat there. And i  tried google about them this morning, found some bad review as well. Especially regarding the 'No photos on food and drinks' according to them their food and drinks are very sensitive. LOL! Now, what to eat for dinner tonight? Sigh~

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**Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah is better, if you are looking for place that served the Chinese Muslim foods.


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