June 7, 2012

When A One Year Old Toddler Went To The Zoo

So we went to the zoo a day after Qif's birthday bash. Since everyone was very excited to bring him to the zoo, i pon layankan je lah. Tak sangka pulak pegi zoo dah mahal. RM20+ kot sorang, not including the train ride ye. Haiwan pon sikit, tempat pon macam dah tak terjaga, KFC pon dah takde. Whats wrong with our National Zoo? Sedih!

The trip was not really fun. Sebab panas terik yang amat! Kesian Thaqif. Merah2 pipi dia. Berpeluh sampai setengah liter. Portable fan pulak boleh rosak, so we had to buy a new one.

He was excited and amazed to see elephant. And he even did the elephant sound. Hehe..

Poney is my favourite of all the animals they have there.

This kakak tua mata duitan ok? Pegang duit nanti dia datang ambik. 

Overall, the trip was not as fun as i thought it would be. Cuaca panas sangat. Next time kalau Thaqif nak pegi lagi, suruh Mommy bawak. Lol.

Till then...


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