June 7, 2012

Of Shoulder Pain, Double Date And Sleepover At Toks'

Last month after Thaqif's birthday bash, i sakit bahu. A severe shoulder ache. I can't even lift my hand to tie my hair. Imagine that! Apetah lagi nak carry Thaqif. Tapi I paksa je diri carry jugak. Malas nak pegi jumpa doktor or berurut. So i just let it be, kot2 boleh baik sendiri. LOL. Tapi tunggu punya tunggu sampai hari ke-5 pun tak baik2 jugak. So I decide to go for a massage. I went to Arokaya in Sunway Pyramid. I was a 30mins of torturing session for me. Sakit gila!!! But after 3-4 days, the pain went away. :)

Masa bahu sakit sampai dah tahap kritikal tu, i had no choice but to sent Thaqif to his grandparents house. 2 malam jugak lah Thaqif tidur rumah Tok. And he was an angel according to my mom. And my mom was really happy dapat tidur dengan Thaqif. And she plans to repeat it again. 

Dah alang-alang Thaqif tidur rumah Tok, mama and papa Thaqif pun ape lagi, ambik lah kesempatan untuk tengok movie. We watched 2 movies! Dark Shadows and What To Expect When You're Expecting. Puas hati!

We had a double date night with my one and only Hanie Munira with her husband Farihan. She was hoping  that Thaqif will tag us along. But unfortunately for her, Thaqif tak ikut malam tu. Sorry babygal! 

Till then...


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