April 26, 2013

AlFarrel Superhero Party

It's a little late. But better late than never aight?
Some pictures of us at AlFarrel's Superhero Party. It was a very lively party indeed!
Kudos to superbonda & ayahanda AlFarrel for the nice setting. Tak banyak gamba pun, sebab chaos betul. Nak makan pun tak senang hokay.

Thaqif's 2nd birthday is coming up. But we still havent decide whether or not we're gunna throw a party for him, or going for small getaway. Just the 4 of us. Susah betul nak decide...

supercool spidey birthday cake

right after alfarrel blew his 2 candles

with my 2 supercool pregnant buddies. fyi, aira (in the middle, just gave birth to a very cute lil boy Noah Imran. Havent had time to visit mama n baby yet. And Putri going to give birth in June InsyaAllah)

with the superbonda Putri.

Till then...

spread love, don't hate,

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