October 12, 2012

When Putri Came For A Visit

Salam dolls!
This is like my super-late two thousand and eight update.It was like 2 months ago kot. Masih dalam bulan raya.Tuan Putri came for a visit during her lunch hour. Too bad AlFarrel can't join us.
Tak pasal2 kene tlg i masak pasta sebab Thaqif clingy sangat dat day. Hanya dapt jamu Putri dengan sambal udang petai dengan nasi putih dan my signature fried macaroni. Best jamu Putri, sebab Putri kalau makan, memang makan betul2 punya. Takde nak diet2 ke malu2 kucing ke, Tapi body tetap so
lid and maintain. Kan Putri kan?

-from my instagram-

-from my instagram as well, taken by Tuan Putri-

Thanks for coming Putri. We lurrrrrrveeeee having you here. Selalu-selalu lah singgah lagi kay? And kalau boleh bawak my handsome cheeky lil boyfie tu skali. Takdelah Qif boring sangat nanti.

p/s: Putri is heading to Jeju Island,Korea now (for work, of course without her beloved husband and son) for 8 freakin' days! I know it's goin to be hard for her. But she's a strong woman, bukan macam i, lembik! And Im sure AlFarrel will understand, he's very independent at such age. Take a very good care of yourself Putri! You'll be back in their arms in no time. 

Till then...


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  1. Salam,
    Hi Farra! Awww so sweet of you write about me :) unfortubately i can't see some of your pictures. Why lah?

    Yes, when I eat, I eat big! :) Haha... Thanks babe. I'll drop by lagi insyaAllah soon okay..



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