October 2, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Whoaa...Whoaaa...The third post in a day! Bravo!!

4 months.

From the lense of paparazzi.(LOL) Ya, ya, you can see my bump. I am pregnant. So what? You gotta problem with that?   

Going for a check up next Monday. By all mean, i reallllllyyyyyy hope that we can already see whether Thaqif is gonna have a brother or a sister. Tak saba nak beli baju baby!

Till then...



  1. Second baby, congrats~! ;) Wish you a happy pregnancy this time~

  2. Thanks Janice!!!! Not a very smooth journey for me for the first 4 months. But now im getting better. Better than the first one. Hehe...Thank God i'm not a working mom anymore. U do prenatal yoga this time?


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