October 2, 2012

Nothing Unusual

Salam to all my lovely loyal readers. Sorry for the lack of blogpost. A bit busy with something called life. Heh :/ [poyo je, yang sebenarnya I is tooooo malas to switch on my laptop] Hehe...forgive me for being so malas.

On Monday. Semalam. Nothing unusual. Just another happy post.

"Weeeee hooooo!" says Thaqif

He's socializing very well with abang and kakak who obviously much much older than him. BUT not with kids his own age or slightly 3 or  5 years older. Sorry bro! Too childish katenya. LOL. Memang nak kene hanta masuk playschool pronto. Baru Thaqif tau apa erti kehidupan yang sebenar. Muahahahha!

"Nah, makan banyak2 sikit Mommy. Kurus sangat tu tinggal tulang je."

Misbehaving. Lepas tu buat muka tak bersalah.

BFF doin their thanngg!

Till then...


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