June 6, 2012

Little Maxim in the making?!

Assalamualaikum lovelies! How was you week goin? Busy? Mine is great as usual. Hubs was on leave on Monday and Tuesday. So i felt like we had a long weekend. So yeah, we went to the new mall in Setia Alam. The Setia City Mall. Quite an awesome mall i must say. 

The Setia City Mall

They have a gigantic football field aka picnic spot and secret garden and colorful fountain

Giving himself some TLC

We went [eh actually I went] crazy at TYPO! twice! cuz we went there twice.

Starbucks kosng??? Biar betul? LOL. Semua orang pegi Delicious opposite Starbucks. Fullhouse okay. Orang Klang   baru nak merasa Delicious kot? Just kidding. But seriously, according to my friend who works as a chef at Delicious, Setia Alam Outlet ranking number 1 sale. Masa opening 22k per day. Cray-zeeee.

Thaqif fed the sugar glider. Suddenly i miss Neo. (fuzz's sugar glider) RIP last year. Kalau tak Thaqif dah boleh main2 dengan Neo dah.

Trying out their new cookie crumble frapp. surprisingly sedap! thaqif pon suka,

Highlight of the week and day! Thaqif plays organ at Yamaha Music.. Ini first time we ever let him play with organ and piano, tapi Thaqif macam dah pro pulak. Like he knows what to do with this instrument. .bila kita slowkan bunyi dia macam tau je. Pastu suruh kuatkan balik sebab dia tak berapa dengan bunyi key yang dia tekan.Terkejut mak pak dia. Sampai tak nak balik tu. LOL. 

Till then...


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