April 4, 2012

April 5th!

It's April 5th today!!!
A birthday shoutout to my dearly beloved Mama!

Happy Birthday to you Ma. Semoga diberi kesihatan, kegembiraan dan rezeki murah yang berpanjangan dari Allah S.W.T. I love you more than you ever know. And sorry i let you down by quitting my job to take care of Thaqif. I just can't let anyone else doing what i'm supposed to do; raising my own child, biarlah tak mewah pun. And now, i can't afford to buy you fancy stuff anymore like i used to. No watches, no handphone, no designer bag this year. But i got you a very thoughtful gift. Just when I was clueless on what should i get you this year, there's some kind of energy more like a magical power that dragged me to this one place and that power has a voice and that voice telling me to get this beautiful gift for you. And I bought it. I hope you like it Ma.

Gonna celebrate it tomorrow, with love! 

til then..



  1. happy birthday anty! masak nasik lemak untuk aa plsss..hehehe

    1. Thanks mummy ayden! Datang arh umah Mama mesti buat nasi lemak sedap tu punya. hehe.


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