March 29, 2012

Thaqif Rock Anthem

Hello, hello my name's Dibo. Here is something you should know... Hehe, dah berjangkit dengan Thaqif. Asyik tengok Disney Junior je skarang. I t's been a while i didn't post any video of him here. 
so here it is, a very short clip of him.

He REALLY into this kind of music, like seriously. 
Kelaka tengok Thaqif excited bila dengar music. Mesti gelak je tengok dia.
Some of the song that will make him dance to the beat or off beat :P

1. Party Rock Anthem or anything by LMFAO
2. The Wheel On The Bus (The GiggleBellies Version)
3. The Lazy Song
4. Streo Heart
5.HotDog Song (Mickey Mouse Club House)
6. Pororo (intro)
7. Jungle Junction (intro)
8. Dibo The Gift Dragon (intro)
9. Handy Manny (every single song innit)
10.If You Happy And You Know It
11. Hokey Pokey
12. Special Agent Oso (intro and the 3 special steps)

I love you sunshine!
Till then...


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