March 12, 2012

Thaqif And Dibo

Thaqif : Dibo, you sit here okay?
Dibo : Okay Thaqif. Did i hear you just say you wish you want something?
Thaqif :
Dibo : You know if you wish for something, make a wish and i'll give a gift! And sing that di ding bo ding di bo ding bo ding!
Thaqif : *giggle* thanks Dibo. right now i dun have a wish yet. i have pretty ,uch everything now. but i might wish something for my birthday soon ;)

till then..



  1. make a wish, ill give a gift ! di di bodi, di bodi bodi ! YAY! lili's dibo besar sikit dr thaqif's. u penah jumpe annie tak? i selalu jumpe dibo, elo, bunny and crow je. i suke annie! ( eh,i plak suke ) hehe. btw, thaqif handsome la pkai overall !!!!

  2. ha'ah yang ni yang kecik sikit. i rasa i penah jumpe annie lah. dekat robinsons. yeah, annie cute! pastu pandai masak pulak tuh! hehe


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