March 5, 2012

It's Mira & Yoyi's Wedding!

Mira is my cousin. And Yoyi is her husband. They got married (nikah) last year in Cuba. Baru sekarang dapat buat reception in KL sebab masing-masing busy. Mula2 plan macam tak nak buat, last2 kene buat jugak. So yeah last nite was their reception at Palm Garden Ioi Resort. The kind of wedding that i actually planned for mine last time. But it turned out to be different. No pelamin, just sit and eat, and then go around the table, meet&greet guests. Simple but thoughtful.

my cousin faizal and jas (siblings of the bride) + my baby sis fuzy and my baby boy Thaqif.

my aunt Ina with her 2 kids, Danial and Tina

my 2 babies and Danial

Thaqif enjoying his snacks

My beloved parents with the lovely bride & groom.

Mummy Fuzy with Thaqif

My cousin Faizal and I [still single and available ;) ]

My cousin Jas and I [engaged and of course not available]

The Bride&Groom with the parents.

Bride&Groom dah basi  :P

Another pic of us. Tak nak kalah.

My cousin Jas&Ash/ Azzam&Fidany. The next brides&grooms.

My cousin Ila with her husband. Soon-to-be-mummy. 4 more months to go.

My cousin Pja and I. Alhamdulillah for her hijrah. :) so cute!

My dad, Yoyi the Groom, my cousin Faizal and my baby bro Ameer

my personal favourite shot of my beautiful cousin. isn't she is like the prettiest bride ever? 

my handsome boy with the unhappy face walking down the aisle. 

So yeah, congrats again to Mira and Yoyi. Can't wait for their babies. More cousins for Thaqif :)
The family is expanding! I loike!


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