March 12, 2012

2 More Months To The BIG 1!

Hey peeps! It's March 13th. Which means Thaqif turns 10 months already! 
Dulu masa Thaqif baby tembam-tembam je. Rindu pulak masa Thaqif baby dulu. Susah nak jaga, banyak kerenah tapi, adorable dan manja. Geram je!

This photos was taken right after he was born ;')

Day 30. Your very first check-up with Dr.Khairul

This was taken when you were 3months.

This one was taken when you were 4 months.

ni pun masa 4 bulan, kene paksa pakai snowcap.

Your first swimming experience when you were 4 months.

Thaqif at 5 months.

This was taken when you were 5 or 6 months. Right after your blood test. Demam, tapi aktif macam tak demam langsung.

Masa ni 6 months, kene paksa duduk dalam car seat.

6 months+. gambar ni masa kita kat Grand Lexis PD. Awak baru bangun tido lepas penat swimming.

ni pulak masa awak 7 bulan.

yang ni pun masa awak 7 bulan lebih, dekat our neighbourhood playground. 

Yang ini masa awak 8 bulan. Orang ingat awak dah setahun masa ni sebab awak eksyen macam awak dah terer jalan.

Thaqif at 9months+. Gigi dah ada 6 batang. 4 atas, 2 bawah.

and this one was taken a day before he turns 10months! how time flies. tiba-tiba je awak dah 10 bulan harini.

Happy 10 months yayang Mama!!!!
 Me and Papa love you so much! 
Lagi 2 bulan je nak setahun dah. How time flies kan? 
How can i not love being a stay-at-home-mom? 
It's sucha bliss and bless having you in our life. YOU complete US!

til then...



  1. Happy 10th Thaqif! You're unique in your own way. I love you sunshine :) Nanti kita jumpa lagi okay, u can play with Al-Farrel.

    Peluk cium!

  2. omg i love this post!!!! i mcm nak bookmark post ni bole? hee.
    n please wanna see thaqif real life!

  3. putri : Thanks Bonda! hopefully Al-Farrel will get well soon.

    Pp : thank you babe! caaaaaaaan. y not?
    hehehe. yeah lets meet up cepat! but i should warn you my lil einstein
    sekarang suka menjerit tau. sakit telinga sikit. ;P


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