February 19, 2012

FAB-ruary 20th!

happy 3rd anniversary to us baby! We'll definitely gonna rock the 'grow old together' ideas. I love you to the moon and back!

and happy birthday to me. im 62 and still rockin! LOL!

p.s : i had 2 surprise birthday celebrations. thank you so much to my hubs, baby sis and bro, and my bestie tomato love and her hubs. i'm blessed! thank you Lord <3

p.s.s : owh the cake is mine, not my moms'. my sweetest bestie yang suruh mamat kat kedai secret recipe tulis umur i 62. i kinda like it. kan best kalau i betul2 umur 62 and i still look like how i look now. Hehehe...


  1. happy anniversary to u dear ! n 62 ? ur mom issit ?


  2. thank you dear! hahah, u ni my birthday cake i lah. not my moms'. i have the sweetest bestie ever. hahah..dia yang suruh orang kat secret recipe letak umur i 62. terbalik kan 26 sebenarnya. hehe...


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