January 18, 2012

happy 2 months!

Time flies. Dah 2 bulan dah saya kerja 24/7 jaga Thaqif :) . Seronok! Alhamdulillah. I am my own boss. Eh actually Thaqif is my boss. Little big boss.

Walaupun penat sikit, tapi berbaloi. Lebih berbaloi daripada kerja 9-5. Walaupun saya takda gaji. Tapi asalkan Thaqif happy sebab Mama dia 24/7 jaga dia, i'm happy enough. Lagi happy bila K pon participate jugak. Alhamdulillah for all these blessing.

We all have ups and downs kan?Manusia mana yang hidup dia happy je? Tak bestlah kan kalau happy je. Takde pasang surut. Dull. Lame. Boring.

So we all should count our blessing, not problems. Stay positive!

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