December 12, 2011

The Garage Sale Chaos!

Basi punya update. LOL. 

happy girl! dapat mainan baru.

this new barbie island princess set sold for only RM20

some of the soft toys

some of the stuff

the little girl tengah pujuk mak dia. this brand new jewellery set is sold for only RM15

all this shoes is only 20. still can nego. (size 6)

some of the novels

ohhh ini bukan untuk dijual! tapi ada jugak orang nak beli car seat ni. 

some new and pre-loved bajus. all from RM5 to RM30 only!

Top seller of the day! my lil cousin Tina (the left one). lepas dah settle garage sale, she treated us with Coffee Bean! Thanks Tina!

Dah penat let's take a break. picnic at the playground! Special chicken rice, courtesy from my lovely mom!

Yang ni pun bukan untuk dijual eh.

books and soft toys. all from 50cents to RM10

orang kuat tengah nak kemas canopy

elok je habis garage sale, hujan lebat, guruh berdentum, kilat sabung menyabung! Thank God.

Tapi peppy boy excited tengok hujan lebat.

Banyak lagi gambar sebenarnya.  There's so many things i'd like to update. Tapi masa tak mengizinkan. 
in the mean time, enjoy your public holiday on Monday yo!


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