November 10, 2011

It's Time For Some Therapy!

Last months it's all about books! This months let it all be about clothes, pants, shoes, handbag and accessories! Let's head out to Mid Valley this weekend for some retail therapy at MOFEW [ Malaysia's Online Fashion Entrepreneurs' Weekend] from 11th-13th November, 11am to 9pm.

Don't miss out! Your favourite online boutique might be joining this event too. Check out their Facebook Page : Malaysia's Online Fashion Entrepreneurs' Weekend

I can't wait! I really need some retail therapy. I need to get a blazer. THE BLAZERRR! It's been a year i didn't shop for myself.Gila sedih. [Hopefully i can make it there. Amen]

p.s : Sad lah tak boleh take part and open booth. Better prepare for next year. Let's Put!


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  1. Let's! weeehoooo!! I don't even know about it too farra! and I've this cool invite from Tourism Malaysia too, there will be a Fabulous Food 1Malaysia event 18-20 Nov. I don't think ill be back by that! Go google and join them ok!!! Mesti besssttt!


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