November 21, 2011

get well soon my little einstein

Thaqif demam on and off. Selalu bila malam kepala Thaqif akan rasa panas. Bila siang okay pulak. Last check his temperature was 38 degree celcius. Brought him to specialist, did a blood test and the result is nothing to be worried. Just a viral fever. Thaqif have to drink lots of water and finish up the medicine. If the medicine is finish but he still have the fever, something is not right. Mintak dijauhkan.Tapi Thaqif ni demam-demam sampai suara serak pun aktif kemain lagi.Panjat sana panjat sini. Penat mak nak jage. Get well soon my lil einstein! We love you!


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  1. Hope nothing serious hits you sweet boy! i know you're a strong boy! :)


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