November 16, 2011

A Date Night

It's been awhile we haven't spend quality time together, just the two of us like old time.
Thanks to my baby sister for volunteering to babysit Thaqif while we're having fun. Hehe.
I wanna go to Empire at first.Because i'm craving for La Bodega's Yakitori. And because La Bodega is doing free flow foods n drinks from 6-9pm in conjunction of their re-opening after the explosion incidents.And because i love Empire Gallery! I miss Empire so much!

But then again, the traffic was really bad! So we change route. Tak jauh pun, Sunway Pyramid je. K wanted to watch movie. It's been 6 months katenya tak tengok movie kat cinema. 

A very simple date night. Nothing fancy schmancy. Love it! K treated me like i'm a princess! Dah lame tak rase macam princess, selalu rase macam queen je. Baa-ha-haa! Disebabkan layanan yang tersangatlah best semalam, i pegi tolak K punya offer nak belikan handbag and kasut and baju Thaqif. Boleh? Macam tak percaya i tolak offer-offer tu semua. Hee-hee. Actually i bukan tolak, tapi i postponed. Tunggu Christmas sale nanti. Baru berbaloi. I semakin bijak berbelanja sekarang. 

p.s : Thanks baby! :*


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  1. Nak balik jumpaaa Fadhillll sekaranggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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